Bonus Missions are the equivalent of Heroic Challenges in Skylanders: Swap Force, being extra objectives in areas based around existing levels. Portal Master Rank stars can be obtained by them, and they are affected by the game's difficulty level.

List of Missions

Story Mode Maps

  • Undercover Greebles
  • Cursed Statues
    • Defeat the Greebles and destroy the evil statues.
  • Chompy Sauce
    • Close the valves pumping Chompy sauce into the water.
  • Fishy Fishing
    • Destroy the giant harpoons in the Elder Fish sanctuary.
  • Master Chef
    • Defeat the head chef of the Greebles.
  • Plants vs Cakes
  • Fruit Fight
    • Collect fruit for the archeologists' expedition.
  • Serpent Attack
  • Thief on the Run
    • Catch the thieves and retrieve the stolen packets.
  • Sweet Blizzard
  • Frigid Fight
  • Ghost Traps
    • Free the peaceful ghosts from their cages.
  • Royal Gems
  • Magic Cells
    • Recharge the power plant by collecting power cells.
  • Sleepy Turtles
    • Push the sleeping turtles back into their nests.
  • Egg Royale
    • Bring the stolen royal eggs back to the Queen of the Turtles!

Tuk's Emporium Maps

  • Chompy Challenge
  • Treble Theft
    • Retrieve the Kangarats' musical instruments.
  • Frozen Delight
    • Free the Yetis stuck in ice cream!
  • Golem Invasion
    • Defeat the Golems and set the turtles free!
      • Rank at least 35 to purchase.


  • Though the Ghost Trap ghosts are said to be peaceful, they chase down the ghosts of Cyclopses at the end of the mission, implying violent intent.
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