Bone Dragons are a subspecies of Dragon in the Skylanders series. As their species name suggests, they are skeletal dragons. They have the ability to turn anyone to stone using their petrifying, laser breath. Fortunately, those who were petrified can be returned to normal by steam generated from the nostrils of these creatures. It is also shown that Bone Dragons can regenerate themselves very quickly, even if they are blown to smithereens they are able to reform. There were originally hundreds of Bone Dragons in the past, maybe thousands, but they became extinct centuries ago.

One Bone Dragon made an appearance in Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon, and is presumed to be the last of his kind. He was buried beneath the ground in the Giggling Forest and had been slumbering for thousands of years until he was suddenly unearthed by Kaos.

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  • Cyclops Dragons are also bone dragons, however not of the same species, having black bones and a winged eyeball for a head instead of a skull.
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