The Bone Dragon is one of the title characters in Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon. He is presumed to be the last Bone Dragon in Skylands who was buried beneath the Giggling Forest for hundreds of years.


The Bone Dragon can fly like most other Dragons, despite lacking  flesh. He also can fire a beam from his mouth that turns anything to stone. The thick steam from his nostrils can revert its victims back to flesh and blood. Even when blown to bits, this dragon can regenerate himself after being damaged. The Bone Dragon is also very durable as Countdown's rockets didn't even faze the creature.


The Bone Dragon was awakened from his slumber by Kaos's Time Delay Blastificator (a bomb), sending the creature into a cranky rage. In his fury, he turned Kaos, Master Eon and an army of Trolls into stone statues, leaving Glumshanks with only his legs petrified. When the Skylanders Stump Smash, Wrecking Ball, Flameslinger and Countdown came to the Giggling Forest to investigate why it was crying, the Bone Dragon swooped down from above and attacked them, petrifying Flamslinger's bow and Flynn's hot air balloon. Countdown was able to blow the Bone Dragon to pieces with his bomb head, but the Bone Dragon was able to regenerate himself and continued his attack. Wrecking Ball was able to successfully drive away the boney creature when he released a Power Belch at him that refused to dissipate.

Later on, Spyro, accompanied by Flameslinger and the other Skylanders, launched a search for the Bone Dragon, who was believed to be the Life segment to the Mask of Power. The Bone Dragon easily overwhelmed the heroes by turning them to stone, leaving Flameslinger as the remaining Skylander. Stump Smash, Wrecking Ball, Flameslinger and Countdown arrived and once again brought down the Dragon again; this time Stump Smash prevented the Bone Dragon from regenerating using his Acorn Spit that grew foliage around the Dragon.

Knowing that he was pinned, the Bone Dragon revealed to the Skylanders that he was crabby from being woken up by General Disaster's bomb. He willingly agreed to turn all those he petrified back to normal as long as he was returned to his slumber. The Bone Dragon restored all of his petrified victims to flesh and blood by snorting a special steam from his nostrils. Once all of the Skylanders and villains were unpetrified, Kaos wasted no time trying to capture the Bone Dragon for the Life segment to the Mask of Power. Fortunately, Master Eon casted a few quick spells to subdue Kaos and his minions. He then revealed that the Bone Dragon himself wasn't the Life segment; it was the stone heart that was given to the Dragon by a grateful wizard he saved from a Geargolem years ago.

After Kaos was defeated, the Bone Dragon was returned to his slumber when Countdown's bomb head detonated, burying the Dragon for good.

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