“Let's Roll!”
    —Bone Bash Roller Brawl's official catchphrase

Bone Bash Roller Brawl is the SuperChargers counterpart of Roller Brawl in Skylanders: SuperChargers. Her signature vehicle is the Tomb Buggy.


Compared to her normal counterpart, Bone Bash Roller Brawl is much more aggressive and technical in her play style. Now with SuperCharged abilities, Roller Brawl can slash and punch enemies into submission! She can also throw her Fang Blades out at enemies that will eventually return to her. When she is holding onto her Fang Blades, her attacks are slow but powerful; when she is not holding onto them, her attacks light but quick. She can also skate forward a short distance and ram her opponents, and even blow a kiss that saps health from enemies.


These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in Skylanders: SuperChargers.

  • Health: 220 (Lv. 20: 660)
  • Speed: 50
  • Armor: 12
  • Critical Hit: 6
  • Elemental Power: 25

These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in Skylanders: Imaginators.

  • Health: 220 (Lv. 20: 660)
  • Attack: 4 (Lv. 20: 54)
  • Armor: 4 (Lv. 20: 29)
  • Speed: 15 (Lv. 20: 45)
  • Luck: 5 (Lv. 20: 25)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 160
  • Defense: 150
  • Agility: 210
  • Luck: 180

These stats are used in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing.

  • Top Speed: 15
  • Acceleration: 13
  • Handling: 15
  • Firepower: 12
  • Armour: 10

Racing Stats

In Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, Bone Bash Roller Brawl is notable for being one of the better all-around drivers. While she doesn't have any superior stats, both her Top Speed and Handling are great; to back this up, she also has really good Acceleration. Her combat skills aren't as grand, as both her Firepower and Armour are simply good by comparison. Regardless, she is still one of the better race oriented drivers.

As a SuperCharger, Bone Bash Roller Brawl has access to the vehicle mods. When paired with her Tomb Buggy, she gains a tremendous boost to her Acceleration. Her Handling and Firepower also receive relatively good boosts also, while her Top Speed and Armour only get a minor boost.

As an AI racer, she uses the Stealth Stinger equipped with the Pedal Pattles for sky races, the SubStream Jets equipped Dive Bomber for sea races, and her Tomb Buggy with SuperCharged mods for land races.


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Random Treasure Chests/Academy Store
Derby Duke Fangerang
Brawling Bout!
Bone Bash Roller Brawlprimarypower

Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to slash nearby enemies with your Fang Blades.

Bone Bash Roller Brawlsecondarypower

Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to extend your Fang Blades and throw them out at enemies. Press Attack 1 while Fang Blades are out to attack with your fists!

Bone Bash Roller Brawlsoulgempower
Price: 4000
Roller Brawl's rage grows over time. When she is at maximum rage, hold Attack 2 unleash her fury on nearby enemies.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Love Bites Skaters Gonna Skate Derby Damage Crossover Technique
Bone Bash Roller Brawlbasicupgrade1
Price: 500

Press Attack 2 while Fangerangs are thrown to blow a fangy Vampire Kiss at enemies. Enemies hit by the kiss will be weakened and have some of their health drained.

Bone Bash Roller Brawlbasicupgrade2
Price: 700

Press Attack 3 to skate faster and extend your Fang Blades while doing so which damages enemies that get in your way!

Bone Bash Roller Brawlbasicupgrade3
Price: 900

Derby Duke attacks now do more damage. All is fair in Derby!

Bone Bash Roller Brawlbasicupgrade4
Price: 1200

Fangerangs seek out other targets after the first before returning.

Brawler Derby
View Super Star!
Keep the enemy on their toes with aggressive upgrades that favor mobility!
Jam-Time Serious Substition Always Wear a Helment
Bone Bash Roller Brawlpath1upgrade1
Price: 1700

Hold Attack 3 while skating to launch yourself like a missile damaging any enemy int he way.

Bone Bash Roller Brawlpath1upgrade2
Price: 2200

Fang Blades become more powerful and will do more damage to enemies.

Bone Bash Roller Brawlpath1upgrade3
Price: 3000

Hold Attack 1 to do an explosive headbutt. That's using your head!

Super Star!
View Brawler Derby
Become the star of the show and bewilder enemies with magnificent performances!
Eat Pavement Blocker Boutfit Contagious Kiss
Bone Bash Roller Brawlpath2upgrade1
Price: 1700

Hold Attack 3 to tear up the pavement and damage all enemies in front of you.

Bone Bash Roller Brawlpath2upgrade2
Price: 2200

Your Armor bulks up and reduces enemy damage.

Bone Bash Roller Brawlpath2upgrade3
Price: 3000

When Love Bites connects, it will explode in samller Vampire Kisses that can bite, weaken and drain surrounding enemies.


Battle Cries

  • "Let's Roll!"
  • "Oh yeah!"
  • "Let's jam!"
  • Time for a jam session!"
  • "In your dreams!"
  • "Oh yeah!" - when entering a vehicle
  • "Time to get a move on!" - when entering a vehicle
  • "You got rolled!" - when exiting a vehicle
  • "Bone bashed!" - when exiting a vehicle
  • "Later, skater!" - when exiting a vehicle
  • "I'll take it!" - when collecting treasure
  • "Just what I needed!" - when leveling up
  • "Power burst!" - when leveling up
  • "Check me out!" - checking stats

Quests Quotes

  • "Yep. You kinda skated over the details the last time we talked about secret ninja commando stuff."
  • "Hey, blocking and jamming are just as easy in my Tomb Buggy as they are on skates. No problem."
  • "Crotchety old secret ninja commando trainer, check."
  • "Thanks Buzz. That's how I roll."
  • ""Secret Ninja Commando Challenge"?"
  • "Thank you Buzz, but I'm just keeping my head in the game."

Character Trailers

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  • She is the only SuperCharger Skylander to originate from Swap Force.
  • Her jumping attack has a similar animation and movement to the Screw Attack ability from the Metroid series, and to the Spin Attack from the Sonic series.
  • Unlike her Series 1 counterpart, Bone Bash Roller Brawl has eyebrows.
  • She's the only female Skylander to own a land vehicle.
  • When she, Big Bubble Pop Fizz, Super Shot Stealth Elf and Deep Dive Gill Grunt are placed on the portal, they say their official catchphrases in a slightly different tone of their voices.
    • This also applies to most of their quotes, which have been completely re-recorded.
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