“All hands on deck, and then around their necks!”

Blubberbeard is a purple walrus pirate who first appeared in Skylanders: SuperChargers.


Skylanders: SuperChargers

Desperate to escape the impending doom of Skylands, Blubberbeard and his crew launched an attack on Skylanders Academy where they captured Mags and imprisoned her onboard their Bandit Train. The pirate crew planned to use Mags to upgrade their Bandit Train in order to fully leave Skylands. The Skylanders came to Mags' rescue and encountered Blubberbeard in the engine room of the Bandit Train. Once Blubberbeard and his crew were defeated, the Skylanders freed Mags and escaped the train.

Dive, Dive, Dive!

After his defeat at the hands of the Skylanders, Captain Blubberbeard became a submarine captain simply because he was tired of losing as a pirate. In his latest scheme, he recruited his fellow walrus pirates and planned to take over Skylands by flooding the lands using his underwater factory. Dive-Clops was sent to investigate the cause of the rising waters around Skylands and came upon Blubberbeard's ship where he was pulled in and overwhelmed by Brawlrus, Brawl & Chain, and Pirate Henchmen.

Dive-Clops' twin brother, Eye-Brawl soon came to rescue his little brother, but Blubberbeard took notice of the Giant's approaching submarine and fired a torpedo towards it, blowing it to smithereens. Assuming Eye-Brawl to be dead, Blubberbeard had Dive-Clops imprisoned, unaware that Eye-Brawl survived. By switching bodies, both Dive-Clops and Eye-Brawl were able to trick Blubberbeard and his crew and drive his submarine into the sea engine, destroying the factory and damaging the sub. Blubberbeard grew eager for revenge, but begrudgingly the chose to save his crew from drowning in the damaged submarine rather than going after Dive-Clops and Eye-Brawl for foiling his plan. After escaping safely, the walrus pirate was about to make his getaway along with his crew and start a new evil plan, only to be quickly apprehended by Dive-Clops, Eye-Brawl, and several of the aerial Skylanders including Spyro.



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