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Cookiecake12347 Cookiecake12347 27 November 2021

episode idea 1

I've thought of an episode idea that could have made skylanders acadamy better

the skylander gang visit an elf viliage when it is attacked by the doomraders. wolfgang decides to fight steath elf in a one-on-one battle and almost everything stops. the elf elder then tells them that neither side can help them and that stealth elf and wolfgang cannot use weapons. as the two fight, both the skylanders and doomraders eat popcorn and talk about the fight. the fight itself is styled like a tango ,compleat with wolfgang catching a flower in his teeth near the end of the fight, but neither side backs down. soon both sides are worn out but neither has backed down. however a bell rings and tells them that because they failed to defeat eachother, they …

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Top2456 Top2456 30 September 2021

Super Smash Skylanders Bosses

  • Twin Fire Dragons (Spyro: Year of the Dragon)
  • Golem (The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon)
  • Drill-X
  • Fire Viper
  • Occulous
  • Stone Golem
  • Troll Super Tank
  • Hydra
  • Evilized Whiskers
  • Darkness Command Ship
  • Cockadoodledoom
  • Pterashark
  • Beachcomber
  • Thunder Tow
  • Dread Roller
  • Turbo Teeth
  • Wreck O' Saurus
  • Hydra Hatchling
  • Evil Sea Monster
  • Guacamole Monster
  • Angry Mutant Tree
  • The Rubble Maker
  • Mechanical Worm
  • The Darkness
  • Malefor
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Top2456 Top2456 21 May 2021

Super Smash Skylanders Playable Characters

  • 1 Cores
  • 2 Giants
  • 3 SWAP Force
  • 4 Trap Team
  • 5 SuperChargers
  • 6 Senseis
  • 7 Imaginators
  • 8 Minis
  • 9 Scrapped Skylanders
  • 10 Trappable Villains
  • 11 Nightmare Villains
  • 12 Doomlanders
  • 13 Other Characters
  • 14 Spyro
  • 15 Crash Bandicoot

  • Spyro
  • Gill Grunt
  • Trigger Happy
  • Eruptor
  • Stealth Elf
  • Terrafin
  • Chop Chop
  • Whirlwind
  • Cynder
  • Pop Fizz
  • Jet-Vac
  • Boomer
  • Grim Creeper
  • Punk Shock
  • Voodood
  • Zoo Lou
  • Slam Bam
  • Flameslinger
  • Flashwing
  • Fling Kong
  • Fryno
  • Wind-Up
  • Drobot
  • Sonic Boom
  • Ghost Roaster
  • Stump Smash
  • Prism Break
  • Hex
  • Sunburn
  • Pop Thorn
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Trail Blazer
  • Rip Tide
  • Sprocket
  • Bash
  • Double Trouble
  • Camo
  • Ignitor
  • Lightning Rod
  • Wham-Shell
  • Hot Dog
  • Fright Rider
  • Scratch
  • Dino-Rang
  • Zook
  • Warnado
  • Zap
  • Drill Sergeant
  • Chill
  • Shroomboom
  • Star Strike
  • Bumble Blast
  • Roller Brawl
  • Echo
  • Rocky Roll
  • Tread Head
  • Countdown
  • Déjà Vu
  • Torch
  • Scorp
  • Funny Bone
  • High Five
  • Slobber Tooth
  • Cobra Cadabra
  • Cho…

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BRRSpore BRRSpore 23 April 2021

Article for scrapped Skylanders 2017 game?

Just out of curiosity, should we make an article for the Scrapped Skylanders 7 game? I mean, we have an article for Spyro's Kingdom and we've got some knowledge about it, including the three unused Skylanders found in the N. Sane Trilogy files and Jeff Bellio revealing some artwork that Skylanders 7 was going to be about aging up some of the Skylanders, including Stealth Elf, Hex, Tree Rex, Ninjini and Spyro. Even Robert Leyland said they were making a sequel or Year 2 to Imaginators.

Or should we not do it just yet and wait until more info about it gets revealed and then we can give it its own article?

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Ryanwebb066 Ryanwebb066 17 April 2021


If anyone is reading this, I have an announcement to make: I am leaving this wiki. I will still visit and maybe make some contributions, but for now, I am leaving this wiki and other wikis related to it, like the fan wiki. I am officially moving to the Sonic wiki if anyone is curious as to why I'm leaving. Anyways, thank you for reading this, feel free to say your goodbyes in the comments, my time here was fun, but now, I bid you all a farewell.

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ImanOmelet ImanOmelet 14 October 2020

Help with trap team

so i got the trap team game recently and i need help with who to get

i will probbaly order off amazon i need 2 items (can be whatever)im already getting the dark expansion pack

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BRRSpore BRRSpore 16 March 2020

ROH Datamine discovered

Okay, how come none of us were aware of this in October. I mean, the last time Skylanders Ring of Heroes got updated was in November with only one Skylander. That's Boom Bloom. However, there was this datamine in October that presented a few hidden secrets perhaps planned before they decided to reboot the game. Take a look here:

If I got this right, the character patterns are meant to be Boom Jet, Awakened Boom Jet, Bushwhack, Dune Bug, Awakened Dune Bug, Fire Kraken, Awakened Fire Kraken, Flameslinger, Awakened Flameslinger, Fryno, Awakened Fryno, Ghost Roaster, Lob Star, Awakened Lob Star, Smash Hit, Awakened Smash Hit, Thumpback, Torch, Awakened Torch, Wind-Up, Awakened Wind-Up, Malefor (looking like his…

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Anaconda999 Anaconda999 17 February 2020

Enemy Navigation

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Gunnar Tarbox Gunnar Tarbox 25 January 2020

Skylanders Advent Calendar 2020

Every day, I will randomly select one of these Skylanders listed below every day, and each time we mention the balloon during the day of its advent, we all scream like Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Today's Skylander of the Day is....


  1. July 30th - Spyro (Series 1/Dark Series 1/Legendary/Series 2/Series 3/Dark Series 3)
  2. July 31st - Funny Bone (Core)
  3. August 1st - Countdown (Core/LightCore/Kickoff)
  4. August 2nd - Wash Buckler (Swapable/Dark)
  5. August 3rd - Ember (Sensei)
  6. August 4th - Tree Rex (Giant/Gnarly)
  7. August 5th - Scorp (Core)

  1. Eruptor
  2. Flamslinger
  3. Ignitor
  4. Sunburn
  5. Bash
  6. Dino-Rang
  7. Prism Break
  8. Terrafin
  9. Double Trouble
  10. Voodood
  11. Wrecking Ball
  12. Boomer
  13. Drill Sergeant
  14. Drobot
  15. Trigger Happy
  16. Chop Chop
  17. Cynder
  18. Ghost Roaster
  19. Hex
  20. Lightning Rod
  21. Sonic Boom
  22. Warnado
  23. Whirlwind
  24. Camo
  25. Stealth Elf
  26. Stump …

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Maplacher1012 Maplacher1012 29 October 2019

Which upgrade path would you rather choose (Tech)

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Maplacher1012 Maplacher1012 26 October 2019

Which upgrade path would you rather choose (Magic)

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Maplacher1012 Maplacher1012 19 October 2019

Which upgrade path would you rather choose (Life)

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Maplacher1012 Maplacher1012 14 October 2019

Which upgrade path would you rather choose (Fire)

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Maplacher1012 Maplacher1012 12 October 2019

Which upgrade path would you rather choose (Earth)

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Maplacher1012 Maplacher1012 22 September 2019

Which upgrade path would you rather choose (Air)

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Gunnar Tarbox Gunnar Tarbox 1 August 2019

Skylanders Advent Calendar 2019

The Final Skylander of the Day is....

WILD STORM!!!!! (Season 2 will Start on Saturday)

1. August 1st - Jet-Vac

2. August 2nd - Slam Bam

3. August 3rd - Barkley

4. August 4th - Voodood

5. August 5th - Chop Chop

6. August 6th - Tri-Tip

7. August 7th - Sunburn

8. August 8th - Bouncer

9. August 9th - Aurora

10. August 10th - Nightfall

11. August 11th - Torch

12. August 12th - Crusher

13. August 13th - Freeze Blade

14. August 14th - Pop Fizz

15. August 15th - Ember

16. August 16th - Roller Brawl

17. August 17th - Astroblast

18. August 18th - Drobot

19. August 19th - Whirlwind

20. August 20th - Zook

21. August 21st - Fright Rider

22. August 22nd - Spyro

23. August 23rd - Pit Boss

24. August 24th - Bash

25. August 25th - Eruptor

26. August 26th - Lightning Rod

27. August 2…

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Yellowlightning1996 Yellowlightning1996 1 May 2019

Season 4 fanfiction episodes

I'm rather sad that the show's cancelled, but it's better than removing all episodes. But this blog is for my ideas on what the episodes of Season 4 are. You're welcome to add your own ideas in comments and I admit, I haven't entirely worked this out yet. I don't really give out episode titles, but you're also welcome to add suggestions.

  • 1. The Skylanders learn of Spyro and Eon's journey and decided to wait for their return and gets Kaossandra settled as the new headmistress of the Academy. Meanwhile, Kaos meets a group of very dangerous criminals in prison.
  • 2. The Skylanders along with Cynder try to stop the Doom Raiders from attacking the town. Spyro and Eon encounter a hermit, who reveals to have been tasked with guarding Spyro as an egg …

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Shirkahn Shirkahn 13 April 2019

Help needed

I need help with a problem I have: every time I wish to view an image I uploaded, Chrome will automatically download it into my folder as an "octet stream" file, when I did NOT want it to do that. I don't what to do or why it's doing it, please help.

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Ja219897 Ja219897 29 March 2019

Fav skylander games

Tell me your favorite skylander game in the series

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Francy07 Francy07 22 March 2019

Poipole in Skylanders Academy

If poipole appear in skylanders academy, he talk like a human or say his name?

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Yellowlightning1996 Yellowlightning1996 19 March 2019

My thoughts on Spyro and Kaos's emotional experiences

Spyro trying to find out about his family was mostly what got me into watching the show. I've always been interested in something like that with characters I know very well. In fact, his falling out with Eon in It Techs Two, reminds me of a very similar scene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days with someone who went through a very similar experience.

After seeing everything Spyro and Kaos went through, it's got me thinking. Even though they're on different sides, they're actually more like each other. Spyro trying to find out about his family and being shut out by Eon and eventually throws him away, Kaos having been shut out by Kaossandra, feeling betrayed by her when Strykore fooled him.

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Francy07 Francy07 7 March 2019

Season 4

Whats the episodes of season 4 of SA?

Whats the new characters (new,skylanders,villains and guest stars (pokemon,kirby,CB or mario franchise)?

Whats the new voices of the new characters (with same voices from other cartoons,movie and games)?

Whats the songs?

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BRRSpore BRRSpore 7 March 2019

Dark Doom Raiders page?

According to this post by the ROH people on Facebook: [1]

The Doom Raiders are getting Dark counterparts.

We all remember the Golden Queen and Wolfgang having Dark counterparts before Ring of Heroes.

But I'm wondering for these guys, should we make a page for the Dark Doom Raiders either all in one page or give them each a page or not bother with this as they are limited time only one offs?

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LoudHouseFan777 LoudHouseFan777 14 February 2019

My Rant on the Spyro Fandom

Hey Guys, I'm a new user to this wiki. My name is LoudHouseFan777. I really like Skylanders. It's a pretty fun game with great characters and fun adventures and other stuff. However, while I like Skylanders, I cannot stand those rabid Spyro fans that keep bashing and sending death threats to Activision and Toys For Bob! That's why I'm making this rant. Let's Begin.

Goodness me, I cannot believe this. These Rabid Spyro Fans bashing and hating Skylanders, It's atrocious!  They just hate the games just because Spyro and Cynder have new looks. SO WHAT?! Who cares if Spyro and Cynder have new looks! They look pretty good! The games are good games! Don't just judge the book by its cover! It's the game that's the main deal not just Spyro and Cynd…

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EvaconTheLeafeon EvaconTheLeafeon 16 December 2018




Hidden Ability

Gender ratio
Catch rate

Hatch time


Base experience yield
Leveling rate

EV yield

Body style

Pokédex color
Base friendship
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Francy07 Francy07 1 December 2018

Magna Charge in Skylanders Academy

meet one of the members of swap force. what voice actor(magna charge(skylanders academy)'s voice had a robotic sound) you want?

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Francy07 Francy07 27 November 2018

Jawbreaker in Skylanders Academy

in skylanders academy, what you should want jawbreaker(skylanders academy)'s voice actor?

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Francy07 Francy07 23 November 2018

Swarm(skylanders academy)'s Voice Actor

Can you should swarm(skylanders academy)'s voice actor?

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Francy07 Francy07 22 November 2018


Guys, Check it out!:

SA Season 4

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Galaxite45z Galaxite45z 5 November 2018

Skylanders Ombnibus

Found this on Amazon the other day, and according to PortalMaster9351, it will be released on December 2. Does comic need a page?

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Galaxite45z Galaxite45z 31 October 2018

Lightcore won’t light up

I’m wondering if anyone else here has a problem that their Light ore figure won’t light up when placed on the portal, but still works in the game. The character I have this problem on is LC Normal Grim Creeper.

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Francy07 Francy07 29 October 2018

Guest,spyro's adventures,giants,swap force and trap team in skylanders academy

  • 1 Guest
  • 2 Spyro's Adventures
  • 3 Giants
  • 4 Swap Force

Kirby(kirby's voice will be smaes as kirby game and anime)-he's came from in the kingdom of air.

Terrafin(voiced by john dimaggio)-he's chill's love interest.

Stump Mash(voiced by dan castellaneta)-he's one of some skylanders of the skylanders follies (parody of the threater of the butterfly follies).

Shroomboom(voiced by tom kenny)-he's a troublemaker skylander.

Magna Charge(voiced by brian stepanek)-he's bossy and rebellious skylander. He's also jealous of the short cut triplets,skunk bomb and freeze blade. like hugo, magna charge is also greatly terrified of sheep.


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Solmonster, the Daily Phantom Solmonster, the Daily Phantom 16 October 2018

Skylanders Academy Season 3 Review

I am a big fan of all three seasons of Skylanders Academy. Here, I would like to share my opinion on season 3. But spoilers are ahead, be warned!

The Plot (Generally)

If you ask me, the plot was relatively good, if with a few hiccups, in finding its way to solve the mysteries of seasons 1 and 2. It gave both the skylanders and Kaos some good time to advance, and also improved on Eon and Kaossandra's characters.

Skylanders become more advanced

While the first two seasons help the main skylanders advance quite a bit, this season really went into the deepest parts of their mind, and also showed how their relationships can advance. I really like Stealth Elf and Kaossandra's Mother-Daughter relationship.


I must say, when I first played Skylander…

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O175HayStacksO O175HayStacksO 4 October 2018

king pen but ENTER THE PENGUIN




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Pyschopasta Pyschopasta 2 October 2018


Belial is a green, wise-cracking, and smart aleck goblin who is the tritagonist of Skylanders Academy. He comes from a line of goblins who dwell in the Lost Forest, but he has to be privileged to become a Skylander. He is also part of the B Team.

  • 1 Background
    • 1.1 Personality
    • 1.2 Biography
    • 1.3 Abilities
  • 2 Story
    • 2.1 History

Belial is much more energetic than Spyro and Cynder, with his body language immediately expressing his happier state of mind through acrobatics and comedic behavior.

Belial dislikes and aims to avoid paying money for anything, as he ditched the bill for some taxi services and he didn't seem to even pay for the pizza that Spyro provided him with.

Belial also enjoys chatting about pop culture, particularly movies and celebrities; breaking …

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BRRSpore BRRSpore 31 August 2018

Malefor in the Ring of Heroes?

According to the Dev Blog in August on the Ring of Heroes Facebook:

Malefor's coming!

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Mr.invisable Mr.invisable 25 June 2018


So I was wondering if anyone have ever made a copy of an already existing Skylander using the Creation Crystals or the Creation App. I have not, but am interested if any one has.

  • Undead Knight: Chop Chop Clone
  • Fire Bowslinger: Flameslinger Clone
  • Magic Sorcerer: Double Trouble Clone
  • Magic Swashbuckler: Ninjini Clone
  • Magic Swashbuckler: Mini-Jini Clone
  • Water: Brawler: Grave Clobber Clone
  • Air Swashbuckler: Bad Juju Clone (I have seen the YouTuber GOWBuuzer make one)
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Mr.invisable Mr.invisable 25 June 2018

Elemental Counterparts

So I've been told to ask about a proper category name to give for Light Hex, Light Jet-Vac, Dark Spyro, Dark Spitfire, Sensei Hood Sickle, Sensei Grave Clobber and Tae Kwon Crow due to the fact that in Imaginators Hood Sickle, Grave Clobber and Tae Kwon Krow changed thier element and in the mobile game Ring of Heroes Dark Spyro and Dark Spitfire also changed thier element.

As well as some of the Enemies have Elemental Counterparts in ring of heroes.

I haven't played Ring of heroes, so I only know so much about it.

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Make3.0Shine Make3.0Shine 17 June 2018

My Skylanders Timeline

  • 1 Creation of the Universe
  • 2 The Spyro Games
  • 3 Skylanders Academy
  • 4 The Books and the Comics
  • 5 Skylanders: SuperChargers
  • 6 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
  • 7 Skylanders: Giants
  • 8 Skylanders: SWAP Force
  • 9 Skylanders: Imaginators
  • 10 The End
  • 11 Skylanders: Jet Warriors

Although Brain is the only known ancient, I have come to conclusion that Shroomboom and Rocky Roll were the ones who created the universe in the first place. This is shown by how Skylanders keeps using them when they know that the fandom doesn't really like them. Why would Rocky Roll have an Awakened form? He's more than he seems.

For this timeline, I shall be calling them Ultimate Overlord Shroomboom of Supreme Awesomeness and Ultra Emperor Rocky Roll of Total Greatness. This is because the Brain is sh…

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HauntedLorene HauntedLorene 15 June 2018

Ring of Heroes Needed Pages Glossary!

SO, Ring of Heroes beta just came out, link's here, and stuff. But since there's not much of Skylanders to cover lately, even in beta it's a good idea to start making these pages as soon as possible, as well as adding relevant content to the existing articles. Unless some horrible thing happens and the game can't even fully come out, it's not a priority, but it's going to save time if we start already putting up pictures, basic attack lists and descriptions, mission lists and whatnot.

  • Levels under Shattered Islands, expand The Golden Desert article to include its RoH information.
  • Expand Wishing Well to include the summoning methods and types currently avaliable.
  • Add info for each Skylander in their page, of course. Under the Stats tab, before…

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Make3.0Shine Make3.0Shine 7 April 2018

Skylanders Theories

Hey guys, it's me again, Make3.0Shine!

So you may be asking why am I making another theory blog? Well, I'll give it to you plain and simple; the theories on there were garbage. Maybe the Spyro one was alright, but after taking a long break from that, I've decided to do actual theories! These ones will have evidence backing up my claims, and it could change your view on a few Skylanders characters.

Without further ado, let's get started!

So, of course, we all know the Skylanders. The Skylanders are, of course, the playable protagonists in the game. Or...should I say antagonists?

You heard me right...I'm saying the Skylanders aren't as good as the game gets you to believe. In fact, they're just as evil, if not MORE evil, than Kaos, the Darkness …

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JakeBurner JakeBurner 9 March 2018

Just my thoughts on the future of Skylanders Academy.

I just felt like expressing about my thoughts about Skylanders Academy Season 3 that's coming soon this year.
In my's not looking too great. Considering the decline of the Skylanders franchise as a whole, since Activision are making remasters of Crash and Spyro, and already planning more games for Crash next year, and the fact that Skylanders is getting a mobile game this year, after a year long hiatus, it seems more and more likely that Season 3 is going to be the last.
I never watched Skylanders Academy to be honest, as I only surfed through screenshots, plot synopsises and small clips, I already know what goes down.
Except in the filler episodes.
The problem is with Skylanders Academy is that every season's first episode and final…

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Make3.0Shine Make3.0Shine 3 March 2018

My Imaginators

  • Strength: 97
  • Defense: 83
  • Agility: 53
  • Luck: 27


  • Head: Rex
  • Eyes: Pupil
  • Ears: Antenna Ears
  • Chest: Rhino Torso
  • Arms: Shell Arms
  • Legs: Sheep Legs
  • Tail: Leaf Tail


  • Weapon: Hammer Club


  • Headgear: Bonier-Tail
  • Shoulder Guards: Ol' Faithful Pauldrons
  • Arm Guards: Eyeballs Arm Armor
  • Leg Guards: Arrow Greaves
  • Backpack: Skelesaurus Spine


  • Height: 8
  • Head: 3
  • Upper Body: 6
  • Muscles: 2
  • Tail Width: 4
  • Lower Body: 3

Overall Theme:

  • Main: Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Peach, Greeny Blue, Green
  • Eyes: Dark Green, Green
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CyborgKing CyborgKing 21 November 2017

Bunch of icons

Made a bunch of icons while I was bored for the Magic Items, Adventure Packs, Battle Packs and Sidekicks.

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Shirkahn Shirkahn 12 November 2017

My request

My "request" is simple: for fandom users to try and not delete the details of my edits. The reason: I have a tendency to notice minute details about, well... anything really (stuff that others more often than not, tend to overlook). Most of the time when I edit something, it is an attempt (on my part) to try and include more detail to point out the things that others often miss (perfect example: my edit to point out various differences between Wolfgang's canon game and Skylanders Academy incarnations). If a user/moderator has problems with my edits, rather than just deleting them (which is outright rude), please contact me on my user page so that we may discuss a compromise, like adults.

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Generał TigerDragon Generał TigerDragon 5 October 2017

Power structure in Skyland and the Academy

As everyone knows, in Skyland regardless of the series of games or now that the series has been created, the Academy of Skylanders is dominated by Eon as the Master of Portals, but as you probably know it will probably be planned for his death. But I do not have 100% certainty, but like the series of games it was finally the spirit of the new master guide portals for each player. But what if there was a situation that instead of the young Master Portals, including in the drama Skylanders Academy where Eon is the rector was a temporary person as a protector. As everyone may have heard at every university, the highest function is the Rector, and the other person is always the protector, the same function can be defined as the highest officia…

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RandomAccount5000 RandomAccount5000 19 September 2017

Changing The Images On The Chase Variant Page

I dont edit here nor do I play Skylanders but im here to say that the Chase Variants page has the wrong images. Ive been consider buying this game lately and ive found this page with images of each chase (And the normal ones)







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The Primordial Clok-Roo The Primordial Clok-Roo 18 September 2017

Cut Battlecast Card Recreations

As requested by Crystal, I have recreated high-resolution versions of the cut Battlecast cards. I'd replace them myself, but I don't know how.

Noet that we don't have all the artwork for the cut cards, so I have had to resort to using the original card's artwork but recreating everything else from scratch. They aren't 100% perfect (especially the relics - they were ANNOYING), but they're the closest we're going to ever get to what was removed.

I will add to this as I work on them. For now, these are all I have done.

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The Primordial Clok-Roo The Primordial Clok-Roo 15 September 2017

Battlecast Card Revisions

In the wake of the cancellation of Skylanders: Battlecast earlier this month, I decided to take a peek at the rules for how to play the game with a physical deck... And it became obvious pretty quickly that this game was NOT meant to be played physically. In fact, some cards/rules just straight up don't work in aphysical scenario!

However, I haven't let that detour me. Below, I have created some revisions for cards that would otherwise not work in a physical scenario so that they can. And this includes some of the scrapped cards!

I will point out now that not ALL of the cards I have revised follow their original intention - some of them are just too awkward to manage in a physical scenario. So I have compromised and come up with effects that…

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Matteso586 Matteso586 28 August 2017

The Voice of Malefor

You might all be aware that there are theories about the dark entity in Assault on Skylander Academy being Malefor, The Darkness, or an exclusive character. Just in case that it's the first former, let's assume which voice actor should voice him. And let's also assume who would voice Malefor if he appears in the games (if they make more)

  • Mark Hamill (LoS Malefor)- Would make sense. Personally, I hope they make his voice more recognizable than in LoS: Dawn of the Dragon.
  • Michael C. Hall (Toffee)- That guy knows how to make a cartoon villain sound scary.
  • Ron Perlman (Slade)- You should have seen the original Teen Titans and Adventure Time.
  • John DiMaggio (Aggregor)- It's cheaper.
  • Other- You decide.

What do you think?

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