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“By Pythagoras' Theorem! You're a Skylander aren't you?”

Blobbers is a Mabu who the Skylanders first encountered on Shattered Island in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He later made a few recurring appearances throughout the main console series. Blobbers also has a cousin named Clobbers that lives in Cursed Tiki Temple.


Although Blobbers is knowledgeable, he lacks physical strength. He also has a history of making bad decisions.[1]


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

The Skylanders helped Blobbers by moving a turtle off the bridge for him to rescue other Mabu villagers on the other side of Turtle Gully. He later appeared in Molekin Mine, having lead the Molekin mining expedition before the cave they were in collapsed.

Skylanders: Giants

After the events of Spyro's Adventure, Blobbers was drawn to Cutthroat Carnival, where he thought was the last known place where one could purloin a churro. The Pirates told Blobbers that if he worked for them, he could eat all the churros he wanted. The instant Blobbers heard that, he hastily signed a contract without first finding out how much the job paid (nothing) and what his hours would be (all of them - he got no days off). Thus, another bad decision sealed by Blobbers.[1]

When the Skylanders arrived in Cutthroat Carnival, Blobbers wanted them to take him back to their ship to get out of the carnival. However, when Flynn was discovered not paying back a Seadog Pirate named Bowers, the Skylanders were forced to flee back to the Dread-Yacht, leaving Blobbers behind.

Blobbers also appeared in Bouncer's Heroic Challenge, where he had gotten lost inside a dungeon. The player must first find him, then, roll him back to the exit (as while the Skylander was trying to find food for him, he found some and ate so much he became a bloated ball).

Skylanders: Trap Team

Blobbers appears again on Know-It-All Island. After getting himself into another situation due to his poor-decision making, he guides the Skylanders through parts of the island until the presence of Trolls caused him to step aside and allow Buzz to guide them.

He appears later at Skylanders Academy, being part of Kaos' Quest. He joined a baking contest, where he mentioned Batterson and Chef Pepper Jack had entered, and asked the Skylander to find the "most evil being in Skylands, not evil BEAN", to make a special recipe called "Kaos Kake".

Rift into Overdrive

Sometime after the events in Know-it-All Island, Blobbers moved to a nearby village, and is asked by the village elder to return and speak to the Stone Heads about the Rifts opening all over Skylands. On the way, he meets a few Skylanders and Flynn that also seek their knowledge, and they attempt to obtain answers from a nearby Stone Head. However, a Rift is opened by Kaos above the island, and they are rescued just in time by Stormblade and Spitfire, who return them safely to Blobbers' village. While the Skylanders depart after the Rift Engines mentioned by the late stone creature before the destruction of the island, the Mabu returns with Flynn to Skylanders Academy to inform the others.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Blobbers always appears following a Surprise Attack combat sequence on the M.A.P. to congratulate the Skylander for defeating the enemies (with the exception of the quest to find cake ingredients, in which Flynn may appear instead). He notices that the enemies were carrying an Imaginite chest, and assumes the Skylander is interested in it. If the Surprise Attack is initiated during the cake quest, and Flynn appears, a cake ingredient is awarded instead.

Blobbers appeared in Shellmont Shores, where it is revealed that he owns a house that has been ravaged by mini brainstorms.

He also appears in the Lost Imaginite Mines. In the middle of the level, he tried to use one of the big Imaginites to make his own version of Skylands entitled "Skylands 2.0" but was flung off by the defensive systems.


  • Producer Michael Graham stated that Blobbers may be a villain in a future Skylanders game.[2]
  • It is unknown how Blobbers escaped Cutthroat Carnival.
  • In the PC versions of Spyro's Adventure, there is a glitch that you can perform with Blobbers on Shattered Islands. When approaching the first turtle puzzle and hitting him (with a ranged attack) just before the cutscene, he won't turn around and face the Skylander. The cutscene will still play, but he would appear that he is to the turtle.
  • His voice actor, Cam Clarke, voiced Leonardo and Rocksteady in the original 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.


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