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The Black Dimension is an alternate world to the Shattered Islands in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. In this realm, an alternate Kaos used the power of Petrified Darkness to take control of the Doom Raiders and defeat the dimension's Skylanders, using their increased power to corrupt the islands into dangerous areas. The corruption made their very presence unstable, and the islands can only be entered on specific days, and their corresponding Shadow Doom Raider can only be fought a limited amount of times before the Darkness energy becomes a hazard to the Skylanders.



  • Like The Future of Skylands, these are levels where the Skylanders are no longer an active force. However, rather than the distant future, it is an alternate timeline.
    • With the Shadow Doom Raiders' more hostile dialogue, it's also possible they went as far as killing the heroes on that dimension, or they were eventually fully corrupted by the Petrified Darkness just like the villains.
  • The Black Dimension uses assets from the scrapped Realm of Souls.
Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

Shattered Islands
Sky Island
Main Levels
Singing Forest - Misty Bog - Infernal Volcano - Highland of Mirrors - The Golden Desert
Abandoned Factory - Rainbow Valley - Bone Grave Village - Mansion of Gloom - Shrine of Light

Black Dimension
Screaming Forest - Black Mist Wetland - Super Hellfire Volcano
Nightmare Mirror Plateau - Desolate Gold Sand Desert - Mad Machinery Factory
Dangerous Rainbow Valley - Insanity Bone Tomb Village
Pitch Black Mansion - Fallen Light Temple

Challenge Levels
Mirage Tower - Cave of Gold - Realm of Souls - Distorted Dimension - Meditation Woodland
Secret Scroll Library - Cyclops Ether Fortress - Awakening Dimension Investigation - Dark Subjugation
Episode Dungeons
(Story of Nightfall/Drobot/Spyro/Boom Bloom)