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“Now it's your time, Skylander!”
    —Birdo Chesterfield before fighting the Skylander

Birdo Chesterfield is one of the Nightmare Villains in the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team. What this bird sorcerer lacks in size he more than makes up for with his extraordinary magical abilities... not to mention his remarkable fashion sense.

Nightmare Pages

  • "The only spell Birdo Chesterfield cannot seem to pull off is making himself tall enough for adult rides at amusement parks. A fact that makes him even more cranky and dangerous."
  • "Birdo once entered the nightmare of a famous chef. Summoning a giant burrito, he had it chase the chef around the village and then gobble him down in one terrible, spicy gulp."
  • "When somebody at a dinner once accidentally spilled pudding on his table, Birdo excused himself from the table, stood up - and then promptly turned him into a beaver. Now he makes dams with his teeth."