Beserker is a professional Drow warrior in the Skylanders Academy TV show. He is the reigning ninja champion of the in-universe TV show Monday Nights Ninja Fights, also known by his title "The Greatest Ninja Warrior Who Ever Lived Ever". However, despite his job and fame, he is prone to villainous acts.


Season 2

In I Dream of Ninjini, he challenged Stealth Elf to a ninja fight on live TV, mocking her in the process. He soon after captured Hugo in the Field of Fiends of the Falling Forest to eat him in preparation for his battle - using him to write overdue letters as well - but was defeated by Stealth Elf, who was trained by Ninjini.

Season 3

Berserker was once imprisoned at Cloudcracker Prison prior to the events of Sky Hard, but he secretly escaped his cell breaking through the wall and left behind a dummy to fool the guards and Snap Shot.

In A Traitor Among Us, Berserker was one of the gladiator contestants in the Troll Dome for the annual Prison Games.


  • In I Dream of Ninjini, Beserker mentions that he can't read or write, requiring someone else's help to write letters.
  • Berserker is based on the Heel character type in professional wrestling, who is scripted by the show to act villainous and unlikable to rile up the audience and act as a foil to other characters. However, as he also works in professional fights, it is unknown if Berserker only acts threatening to make his opponents look better, or he takes his role literally and truly is a villain.
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