Belly of the Beast is the ninth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 2.


While fighting the evil Fire Viper, the gang ends up inside its belly and must put aside personal differences to find a way out.


Master Eon pairs up the Academy's cadets to the members of Team Spyro, where they will serve as their personal senior advisor for a day, except Bad Breath, who instead will be a substitute. Suddenly, Cy arrives informing them that King Pen has been taken hostage by the vengeful Fire Viper. Master Eon orders an immediate rescue from the Skylanders and the cadets altogether. Cy is also involved but the cadets seem to dislike him.

Kaossandra, exhausted from her work in guarding the evil entity in the Book of Dark Magic, gets surprising news from Glumshanks that her son has returned home. Kaos attempts to make it up to her mother by gifting her the Hydra he stole, but Kaossandra still refuses to accept him back after siding with the Doom Raiders. Before returning to her work again, she informs Kaos that afterwards she'll begin discussing about his "future" in the family. Saddened by this, Kaos decides that assisting her mother in her work will make her warm up to him.

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While discussing their battle plan in rescuing King Pen, Cy befriends Bad Breath, who confirms to him that the cadets dislike Cy and even him. Cy then announces to the group that Bad Breath will be joining their mission as he will serve as Bad Breath's senior advisor. They then proceed to teleport to King Pen's home, the Arctic Isle. Fire Viper taunts the team by devouring King Pen where it infuriates Cy, who blindly engages Fire Viper but he is also easily eaten, followed by Bad Breath. With their battle plan in shambles, the team is left to their own devices. One by one, the experienced Skylanders are overpowered and devoured, while the cadets panic and are unable to escape being gobbled. Having sated his hunger, Fire Viper then takes a long nap after his heavy feast.

Inside the Fire Viper's stomach, the Skylanders regroup with the cadets. They find King Pen losing consciousness due to the produced heat by Fire Viper's internal organs. Chill heals him with her cryokinetic powers while Team Spyro ventures to find an exit route with the cadets staying put. The cadets then release their ire and blame Cy for their defeat with Fire Viper. Bad Breath stands up to his new friend's defense, stating that their jealousy of Cy as an official Skylander shouldn't be used as an excuse for their failure to stop Fire Viper.

Kaossandra is in the middle of fortifying the prison of the evil entity with her magic when suddenly Kaos interrupts, ruining the process. Kaos arrives with food she believes is her mother's favorite, but Kaossandra angrily tells him the food is actually his favorite and that his interruption ruined her work today. Suddenly Kaossandra falls ill, and faints on Kaos. Meanwhile, Golden Queen happily announces to the Doom Raiders that, thanks to a tracking device pinpointing the Hydra's location, they have finally found the exact location of Kaossandra's Castle. However, Glumshanks happen to notice the tracking chip while cleaning the Hydra, and inadvertently destroys it as it fell on the bath tub, foiling Golden Queen's plot to raid the castle.

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The Skylanders return to the cadets noticing that there's tension among them. The cadets state their complaint that it's unfair that Cy immediately got to be a Skylander without undergoing the same training as a cadet. To relieve tension, Spyro retells his beginnings in the Academy where fellow cadets resented him for his reputation, such as being raised by Master Eon himself and Stealth Elf was tougher on him the most, but eventually accepted him when he proved he can be a Skylander and is now proud to call him her best friend. Chill then alerts the team that King Pen finally has regain consciousness. He warns the team that a "new darkness" is spreading throughout the Skylands, explaining that Fire Vipers weren't able to survive in freezing temperatures of the Arctic realm but only during the Great War, revealing that if they did not defeat their ultimate villain in the war, the world would've lived in darkness.

However, King Pen also believes that Spyro knows all this, including the "losses of the past", but Spyro is confused as to what the senei means. The conversation is interrupted when Fire Viper awakens, causing the Skylanders and cadets to tumble towards the stomach. The team cling on desperately as to not fall down and be digested. Bad Breath keeps releasing large clouds of rotten fumes in which Fire Viper's organs react badly. King Pen notices this and orders Bad Breath to use his belching powers for their escape. Though nervous that he'll be hated by his fellow teammates further, Cy and the cadets encourage him to use his powers. Bad Breath then belches massive rancid fumes, leading Fire Viper to vomit the entire team.

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Bad Breath is finally respected after saving his fellow cadets from Fire Viper. Motivated by this, Bad Breath spearheads the cadets in the attack against the vulnerable viper villain. In a team effort, Bad Breath lands the final blow and defeats Fire Viper, while Team Spyro watch proudly. Later on, the cadets approach Cy, offering an apology and accepting him as an official Skylander. Meanwhile, Spyro questions King Pen of what he means of his earlier statement about the "losses of the past", but King Pen claims that he doesn't recall their talk, explaining that he wasn't in stable condition during that time. King Pen then rejoins the rest of the team, leaving Spyro to wonder about his indication.

Kaos takes the advise of Glumshanks to finally have her mother's acceptance. They enter her bedroom, where an exhausted Kaossandra barely acknowledges Kaos's presence. Kaos is prepared to offer her a gift she can't refuse: his dark magic powers. Kaossandra proceeds to take all of Kaos's powers, regaining her strength, but in return, Kaos's loses any ability in dark magic. Kaossandra expresses her gratitude in her son's most generous act and finally forgives him, then she leaves to resume her work in the Meditation Room.

At night, King Pen makes a surprise visit by sneaking into Master Eon's bedroom, hidden from the other Skylanders. He discusses with him that a powerful threat is arising and that a "common foe" is about to return. Furthermore, King Pen expresses his certainty that once their enemy returns, he'll be seeking out "someone", much to Master Eon's despair.

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  • The Fire Viper from Missing Links returns, and his unnatural resistance to the cold alerts King Pen and Master Eon about the entity of the Book of Dark Magic's growing power.
  • Kaos gives the stolen Hydra to Kaossandra.
  • Kaos returns the stolen magic to Kaossandra, though it does little to stop the growing darkness.


  • Though Fire Viper appeared animalistic back in Missing Links, he is much more calculated and he now has the ability to speak. This is because the writers didn't have time to show the Viper's intelligence in Season 1.[1]


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