Beard Science is the ninth episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


Kaos thinks that the key to getting the Golden Queen to like him is to find some hair, so he steals Master Eon's treasured beard.


Master Eon abruptly dismisses a session with the cadets when his beard senses Broccoli Guy's presence in the Academy. Eon uses his powerful beard to heroically subdue Broccoli Guy which dazzles the cadets. Eon returns to the Library where Team Spyro are secretly conducting bomb-defusing training. Word of Eon's victory over Broccoli Guy has the Skylanders curious about Eon's beard capabilities. Eon retells stories how his beard was a powerful force since the early years of the Academy, making the Skylanders be at awe, emphasizing the beard's significance.

Kaos travels the Skylands to attend an upcoming date with Golden Queen, whilst being interrupted by several bystanders who are momentarily interested in him when they mistaken Kaos having hair. Kaos finds Golden Queen already on a date with Wolfgang at a diner. Golden Queen refuses to date Kaos as she finds Wolfgang's fur more attractive than Kaos lack thereof, causing Kaos to leave humiliated. To resolve his baldness, Kaos recites a spell that would have him the best hair but the hair summoned turns out to be Eon's beard, where later on Eon wakes up horrified his entire beard is gone.

The next day, the absence of his beard cripples Master Eon's status as the authoritative figure at Skylanders Academy as he loses grip of the attention of all of the Academy's inhabitants. Witnessing how even Team Spyro are oblivious to his presence, Eon faces the cold truth that without his beard, he cannot lead the Academy. Meanwhile, Kaos indulges on the spoils of the strong attractiveness Eon's beard has. Therefore, Eon abandons the Academy and becomes a drifter. Even the sheep dislike him and they knock Eon unconscious by dropping an apple at his head.

Kaos successfully woo Golden Queen to his arms, dumping Wolfgang. During a date, Kaos proposes if Golden Queen would be by his side spreading evil to which she openly accepts, deeply infatuated with Kaos's hair. Afterwards, Kaos and Golden Queen decide to have lunch near an apple tree but their server, Glumshanks, spots Eon asleep nearby. Just as they recognize him, Eon wakes up and a battle quickly ensues when he finally spots his missing beard, in which Eon comes out victorious as he reclaims his beard. Without the beard, Kaos loses Golden Queen's affection for him so they decide to attack Eon but he manages to escape.

Eon returns to the Academy and calls the Skylanders as his respectful presence is once again known. He discloses his situation during his "absence" to the Skylanders and after finishing requests that they clear the Library for a private time with his beard. The Skylanders then hurriedly grab their bomb-defusing materials to continue their training outside though a nervous Jet-Vac has to confess that they conducted their sessions with real explosives in the Library prior.

To ensure the security of his beard, Master Eon coats his beard with his beard spray - for men.

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  • Eon reveals his ability of Beard Fu, being able to use his shapeshifting, prehensible beard for a variety of attacks.
  • Hex offhandedly mentions that she fights off her urges to turn others into undead servants, foreshadowing the events of Split Decision.

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  • Without his beard, Master Eon is forgotten by his Skylanders and easily ignored by his cadets, and disliked by the Sheep. Though he speculates that the beard had magical properties that kept the Academy crew together, series writer Eric Rogers explained that it is actually tied to his own belief on that theory, which can warp reality and alter his influence.[1]
    • Explained in an earlier tweet, the characteristic is exaggerated for comedy, rather than being an unintentional plot hole.
  • Wolfgang refers to Golden Queen as his girlfriend. However, after the events of this episode, they are not hanging out together as of Season 1.
  • The episode's name is a pun on the song Weird Science.
  • In one of the unnamed Mabu's paintings of Kaos and the Golden Queen, the beach Kaos and the Queen were in is an altered screenshot of the Leviathan Lagoon.
  • One of Master Eon's beard moves is named "The van Dyk". This might be a reference to Nick van Dyk, the co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios.


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