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“The hot springs are a total VIP section. And VIP... you are not.”

Beachcomber is a gargantuan Titan who resides in the Monstrous Isles and is the second boss of that level. She appears to be a mix between squid, lobster, octopus and crab.

When the Skylanders in a Sea vehicle disrupted Beachcomber's relaxation, she retreated underwater with the Skylanders in pursuit and attempted to stop the Skylander with her tentacles, and giant hermit crabs. Upon returning to the surface, Beachcomber attacked the Skylanders at the gates to Titanopolis, and was defeated in combat.


Beachcomber can burrow her tentacles through ground and rock to hit enemies from afar, extending them for great lengths, and use her gigantic claws to charge. Having a Titan's strength, she can pull out shipwrecked vessels from the sea to throw them.

Boss Battle

In this battle, Beachcomber will attack by pulling out shipwrecked vessels from the sea and throwing them at the Skylander in point-blank range. She can also go in the water and summon tentacles from the ground. Beachcomber can be stunned if the Skylander hits her as she brushes herself off, but after losing around one third of her health, she will gain new attacks. She will cover herself in tentacles and charge straight towards the Skylander while swiping at them with her upper lobster claws. Finally, she will dive into the water, and four tentacles will appear in the middle of the arena and start spinning. The Skylander must jump to avoid getting hit by the tentacles.

After losing all of her health, she will spin around in defeat and will sink into the deep sea.


Sea Vehicle Zone

  • "You're intruding in my personal reflection time, you barnacle."
  • "We literally need better security up in this resort."
  • "Um, I'm never intruded on my me time."
  • "Ugh, tourists. They ruin all the good vacant spots."
  • "Here's some terror from the deep for you!"
  • "What the salty's your problem?! You're a total show pony, AND I HAVE HAD IT!!!"

Boss Battle

  • "Shape up or ship down! Or whatever..."
  • "Don't hate on me, Skylander, I've got mad swag!"
  • "Um, your ship just came in, Skylander!"
  • "All aboard!"
  • "My style will make your head spin."
  • "Look out be-looow!"
  • "I warned you."
  • "You're not the big fish around here."
  • "Tide's turning, Skylander!"
  • "Eww, get out of the sun, sweetie! You just got burned!"
  • "Keep up with the times,or you'll end up extinct!"


  • Beachcomber's speech patterns resemble the 'valley girl' stereotype, which is also used by Dreamcatcher.
  • Her relationship with Thunder Tow is unknown, though they are seen hanging out together at the start of the level.
  • If the player is able to do the Sea Vehicle challenge, Beachcomber will lose one thirds of her health, much like Pterashark in the same level if the player is able to do the Sky Vehicle challenge.
  • As seen when defeated, Beachcomber has blank white eyes, and, despite her large locks, a bald spot where her hat sits at.

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