Battle Packs are powerful Magic Items introduced in Skylanders: Giants. They unlock Battle Arenas in the games they were released for, and can also be used as powerful weapons. They are bundled with two Skylanders for use in the arenas. Battle Pack items are powerful and can fire in huge areas, which make them especially useful in Arena Battles.

List of Battle Packs



  • Most Battle Packs have their own individual icons, but they are not seen in-game.
    • The exception is the Scorpion Striker, which uses the same icon as the Dragonfire Cannons.
  • All Battle Pack figures have LightCore features, unlike most Magic Items.
  • The Dragonfire Cannon and Arkeyan Crossbow both contain Life and Undead Skylanders.
  • The Scorpion Striker is the only Battle Pack not to include a Life Skylander; the other three contain one each.
  • Air, Magic and Tech are the only Elements out of the original eight not to be featured in Battle Packs.
  • The Skylanders in the Battle Packs from Giants are the same elements as Kaos' Minions and the Hydra.
  • Like all Magic Items, they only unlock decoration in SuperChargers, and grant a bit of treasure in Imaginators.
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