BattleBrawl Island is an island within Motleyville that holds a battle arena event known as BattleBrawl, which is hosted by Baron von Shellshock. In Skylanders: SuperChargers, it was created as a diversion for criminals while Kaos' Sky Eater disrupted their actions. The arena's champion was Spellslamzer, a large Spell Punk who grants one wish to whoever defeats him in the ring.


Skylanders: SuperChargers

The Skylanders enter the fighting competition with little trouble once the island's elevator operator is woken up. Battling their way through Brimstone & Boulders and Captain Bristlestache's crew, they face Spellslamzer, who halfway through the battle transports them to his Nightmare Realm in an attempt to subdue them. However, when it fails, he brings them back to the island only to be defeated soon after, and the group leaves with him and a gold reward from Shellshock.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Through means currently unknown, the island was transported to the M.A.P., and now battles are hosted by Chill Bill and Broccoli Guy for a reward of gold. It can be accessed as soon as the player reaches the M.A.P., and Buzz can be found here ready to set you up for the fight. During all battles, Imaginators are more powerful.

Each battle consists of 3 waves of enemies, with a gold reward given between waves and occasionally a food item to restore health. Completing a battle entirely rewards the player with an Imaginite Chest.

During the hunt for cake ingredients and the post-game, the Battle Arena will occasionally host special missions with different hazards. Each of these challenges is identified by a different NPC character.


  • Sal has booked a gig singing Skylands' national anthem and asks the Skylander to fight in the arena to fill competitor numbers. The hazards are energy waves that push the player and enemies back while damaging them.
  • Stealth Elf has been accused of not paying her parking tickets and asks the Skylander to fight in her place so that she doesn't have to pay the fine. The hazards are spikes that poke up through the ground to damage the player and enemies.
  • Eruptor has been banned from the arena and asks the Skylander to fight in his place. The hazard is a giant furnace in the center of the arena that spews fire.
  • Trigger Happy alerts the Skylander that the arena is hosting a special event that bestows great gold rewards upon completion. The hazards are giant metal hammers that slam down on the ground to damage anything underneath. The player can also push a button in the center of the arena to electrocute all enemies on the field.



  • Along with the Bandit Train and Ridepocalypse, Battlebrawl Island is one of the three levels commonly used for daily missions from Tessa with randomized elements. Missions here are about defeating waves of enemies from another level, led by a bigger one that serve as a boss with a custom name.
  • BattleBrawl Island is the first level in SuperChargers with no Vehicle segments.
  • Though a unnamed Mabu refugee in the Skylanders Academy mentions Battlebrawl as being created by criminals unrelated to Kaos, many of the randomized missions include enemies that in their levels serve him or Count Moneybone.
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