“You are now the esteemed guests of zee great Baron Von Shellshock... servant of lord Kaos... and all around powershniztel.”

Baron von Shellshock is a crab-like baron who appeared in Skylanders: Swap Force. He serves as a minion of Kaos and has taken over Motleyville to ship out the town's valuables to the evil Portal Master. He also speaks with a thick German accent.


Shellshock may act tough and boastful, but in reality he is quite the coward when things don't turn out the way he planned and will flee when the odds are pitted against him. He won't hesitate to taunt his pursuers all the while evading them, only confronting his adversaries when he is cornered. However by Skylanders: Imaginators, he seems to have become a lot nicer, willingly directing the Skylanders to The Golden Arcade after they defeat him in a game of Creation Clash.


Skylanders: Swap Force

When Flynn, Tessa, and Whiskers arrived in Motleyville to see Sharpfin, Baron von Shellshock had Whiskers evilized and imprisoned Flynn and Tessa after announcing that he was in charge of "the new Motleyville". As the Skylander arrived on the scene, Shellshock sent the evilized Whiskers after them, but fled when they managed to drive the evil bird off. During the course of the chapter, the Skylander had to chase the cowardly crab down through Motleyville, while getting past the obstacles Shellshock set up for them. After pursuing Shellshock to the core of Shark Town at the Motleyville Mall, the Skylander discovered that he had built a crab-like machine specifically to fight the heroes. Shellshock was soon defeated, but swore that they hadn't seen the last of him. However his words weren't taken seriously by Sharpfin, Tessa and Flynn. Furious at this, Shellshock lashed out at them for not paying attention to him. In response, Sharpfin sent a few of his Dirt Shark companions to beat up Shellshock, who then ran away.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Shellshock became a host to Battlebrawl Island near Motleyville where the Skylanders entered in order to battle Spellslamzer.

Skylanders: Imaginators

In Skylanders: Imaginators, Baron Von Shellshock was the champion of Creation Clash. The Skylanders challenged him to a game of Creation of Clash to learn the location of The Golden Arcade and won.

Boss Battle

The battle begins with Shellshock boarding his machine. He starts off hurling Chompy Powerhouses to attack the Skylander. You can't attack him directly due to a shield surrounding him. If you get closer to him, he'll shoot out multiple bombs at you. He will always launch a bomb pickup after he finishes his bomb attack. Grab the pickup and toss it at Shellshock, thus destroying his shield and dealing damage. As you deal more damage to Shellshock, he will shoot more bombs at an increased rate. Once you defeat Shellshock, he'll fly out of his machine and land on the ground in a daze, allowing you to complete the chapter.


  • "I am sorry to have to inform you zat Sharpfin iz no longer ze Baron. This municipality is under new... management so to speak."
  • "Suddenly, I remember a very important engagement, auf wiedersehen."
  • "I'm always von shtepp ahead of you! Catch me if you can, Skylander! And newsflash, you can't!"
  • "Zis bridge is closed for repairs herr, Skylander!"
  • "It is not so easy to get rid of me, dorftrottels! I go boom, you fall down!"
  • "Meet my new champion: a Sand Golem! I call him Sandy!"
  • "I have an Earth Golem. Do you have an Earth Golem? I don't think so! Obviously, it's an effective Golem."
  • "Guten tag, I must be going."
  • "And now, I present to you... ze Bird! Attack the pesky Skylander, birdie, and slow him down! I have to ready my surprise in ze village."
  • "Ze mighty Shellshock vill triumph! You bested my Golem, but I still have a secret weapon in the village."
  • "My precision mechanism of immense power vill crush you! And it vill hurt too!"
  • "Ignorant Kartoffel Gesicht!! You have not seen ze last of Baron Von Shellshock!"
  • "HELLO?!! I am in ze middle of sumzing out here! You could at least pay attention, you Käse herstellers!!"


  • Baron Von Shellshock shares similar species with Wham-Shell.
  • It is heavily implied that Shellshock has more than two legs as mentioned in one of his taunts in Swap Force.
  • He seems to have a tendency to make food related insults in German.
  • His name is a pun on "shell shock", a mental condition caused by being exposed to a traumatic event.
  • In Calamity City, Baron Von Shellshock is seen among the row of residents who may become king of Calamity City after the Skylanders liberate the town.
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