“Recycle what he throws away.”
    —Description of Bag O' Booms

The Bag O' Booms are robust cyclopses in Skylanders: Giants who fight by throwing bombs at the Skylanders. When their bombs miss their target they turn into the common bombs that Skylanders can use.

In the 3DS version, the Bag O' Booms throw dynamite sticks.


  • In Battlegrounds, he resembles the Creepers from Minecraft as both blow themselves up when they are next to the player.
  • They replace Cyclops Chuckers.
  • Their bomb bags resemble Pop Fizz's potion bag
  • They share some features wih Boomer:
    • Both throw explosives (Boomer throws dynamite).
    • Both wear bags that hold their explosives.
    • In their skystone, they have bluish white fur on their chins, however in game they don't have beards.

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