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Awakened Forms are a type of upgraded Skylanders in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. Identified by purple star rarities, they are obtained by collecting a very large Soul Stones and Elemental Ores. Unlike other empowered forms in the series, this transformation appears to be a permanent change of the Skylander's outfit or appearance, into more elaborate accessories or additional armor.

As seen in the game's tutorial, this transformation can be deactivated in some way, as all Awakened Skylanders that help the dazed Portal Master are later summoned in their regular forms. In game, however, it is permanent; shown in the tutorial comics to be the materials and Soul Stones transforming into new patterns or armor on the Skylander.


Awakened Skylanders are stronger forms of Skylanders, gaining a new outfit and a large boost in stats. They also upgrade one of their skills to a new form, with more powerful or different effects. These characters can still level up, use runes and upgrade their attacks as usual, with no additional cost.


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  • The concept of Awakened Skylanders is similar to Awakening, a gameplay element present in Summoners War, another game from Com2Us, the developers of Ring of Heroes. In that game, however, characters start out as generic mythical creatures or fantasy archetypes and an element, and awaken into characters with specific names.
  • Several Awakened forms are references to mythology and pop culture:
    • Awakened Hot Dog is a reference to Shishi, statues of armored guardian lions of Chinese mythology.
    • Awakened Fiesta is a subtle reference to La Parka, a masked luchador known for his outfit with stylized bones painted over the clothes.
    • Regular Awakened Stealth Elf wears a Hachimaki, a type of headband once used by Samurai to prevent head attacks and make helmets more comfortable to use. However, its engraved appearance appears to be a reference to Ninja outfits in movies and the Naruto franchise.
  • Awakened Form versions of Trap Shadow, Double Trouble, Dune Bug, Fright Rider, Wind-Up, Bat Spin, Bushwhack, Night Shift, Stump Smash, Rubble Rouser and Shroomboom were planned for Ring of Heroes with concept art being released. However they were scrapped due to the game's closure.[1][2]


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