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“I'll see every one of you safe on that ship.”

Avril is the good-humored Captain of the Frost Elf Guard, appearing in Skylanders: Swap Force. In the search for the Frosthound, she assists the Skylanders on various missions; also offering time attack challenges in Woodburrow.



Avril is the youngest of the twelve children and was always treated as the baby of the family. But that attitude changed when Avril became the first Frost Elf to sweep the annual Snowbrawl. Impressed by her tactical mind and her trademark exploring slider, the Snow King made her the Captain of the Frost Elf Guard.[2]

Skylanders: Swap Force

During the story events of Swap Force, the Skylanders came to Avril to find a way to reach the Ancient Frosthound. However, she was in the middle of evacuating her people from the Boney Islands due to a Cyclops attack, and the Skylanders were able to assist her. Later on, she went with the Skylanders to Winter Keep and helped Duff and the other Frost Elves fight out a Cyclops invasion.

Once the Skylanders defeated Kaos, Avril offered to help the Skylanders with her Time Attack Challenges in Woodburrow.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Avril made her return in Skylanders: Imaginators, where she and Eruptor were in the Sensei Fire Realm at the base of Mt. Killamanblowa where it was about to erupt. Eruptor apparently likes the sight of volcanic eruptions, but the Frost Elf kept warning him that if it did blow, they would blow up with it. Avril supplied the Skylanders with her Freeze Cannon to freeze the lava and plug up the lava vents to prevent the volcano from erupting.


  • She speaks in a thick Scottish accent.
  • In the credits, the name of Avril's voice actor, Elle Newlands, was slightly misspelled as 'Elle Newland'.


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