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Autogyro Adventure is one of the levels in Skylanders: Giants. In the level, the Skylander has to fly through a series of tunnels in an Arkeyan Copter. They can stop at various platforms: some are optional, but others are required stops because there are doors that require an Arkeyan key to open them.

List of Areas to Find

  • The Caverns
    • Forgotten Hollows
    • Hidden Crypt
  • Cold Storage Area Z
  • Neverending Falls
  • Maze of Myth
  • The Source
    • Auric's Hidden Vault
  • Hall of Silence
  • Cold Storage Area A
  • Cold Storage Area B
  • Jet-Vac's Soul Gem
  • Gear Box
  • The Long Hall
  • The Machine
  • Final Tour of Duty

New enemies


  • Future Hat
  • Bottle Cap Hat

Story Scroll

  • Wilikin Neighbors?

Soul Gem

Legendary Treasure

  • Propeller Masthead

Quotes from Flynn

When getting hit

  • "Uh oh, look out!"
  • "Wowsers, that was close!"
  • "WHOA!"
  • "Whew!"
  • "Evasive manuvers!"
  • "Oh, well this came crazy in here!"
  • "We're really taking a beating!"
  • "You might wanna avoid taking so many hits here."
  • "We're getting hit a lot. Let's work on that."
  • "Don't know how much more of this we can take."
  • "I miss my balloon..."
  • "That's probably there's a copter resell value."

When crashing

  • "Ahhhh!!!!!"
  • "Emergency land--(finished in Time Town)"
  • "We're going down!"
  • "Uh oh..."



  • Gold Icon in-game

    The Skylanders: Giants Official Soundtrack incorrectly lists one of the tracks as Autogyro Adventure, even though it plays music from The Lost City of Arkus.
    • It is possible that since the level takes place near the city of Arkus, that is where the name came from on the soundtrack.
  • In the first stopping platform where you get enemies you must defeat on land, if you defeat all the Arkeyan Duelists in a row, the Blaze Brewer will fall off the edge of the world. Very strangely, if this happens, a Blaze Brewer will be guarding the socket on the fourth platform you must stop on.
  • The block puzzle in the last section of the Chapter can be skipped if the player uses a Skylander, such as Drobot, that can boost on top of the blocks from the puzzle's entrance.
  • The icon for your gold in the ship section and the robot section in Secret Vault of Secrets resembles a coin from the Super Mario franchise.


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