The Autogyro is an ancient piece of Arkeyan technology that the Oracle gives the Skylanders in Skylanders: Giants to help get to the Lost City of Arkus. They use it in the Autogyro Adventure chapter.

The Autogyro is a flying vehicle with two modes, Hover and Jet. Hover Mode can be used to stay in the same place and shoot locks and enemies while Jet Mode is used when flying forward. The Autogyro can also use Arkeyan Boosts that look like the Eternal Magic Source to gain a speed boost. Its speed was put to the test when the Skylander and Flynn had to get out of the tunnels leading to Arkus when they start to crumble.

In Skylanders: Trap Team, another Autogyro is used in the assault to the Skyhighlands outpost, piloted by the Skylander while the other allies created a distraction with their own vehicles. It is unknown if it is the same Autogyro as before.


  • All characters can fit in the Autogyro, even Giants, who are much bigger than the device itself.
  • In Trap Team, the Autogyro can shoot in Jet Mode and be piloted by a single character, despite being unable to do so previously, though it is possible that it was upgraded by Mags as it belongs to her.
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