“If you wish to purchase more high-quality merchandise, please come visit my store.”

Auric, also known as Auric the Banker, is a character in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, Skylanders: Giants, and Skylanders: Trap Team. He is, indeed, Skylands' finest and only banker.[1]


Auric loves gold almost as much as the Skylander, Trigger Happy.[1]


Trigger Happy Targets the Evil Kaos

Auric was one of the residents of the Mabu Market that became under attack by a Water Viper. Some Skylanders - Trigger Happy, Food Fight and Smolderdash - managed to defeat the serpent, but Auric discovered that all of his stock was stolen during the attack. He later came to Master Eon to talk about the stolen magical wares and artifacts, having found all but one of them not far from the Mabu Market. Auric would soon find his last item, the Shape Shifting Sapphire Amulet, being worn around Hugo's neck after the Mabu was forced to wear it by a Goliath Drow, the one who originally stole Auric's stock.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

If the Skylanders talk to Auric whilst in the Ruins, he will say "I have nothing to provide, but check back with me later." He also played a minor role in identifying the "black pearl" the Clam-tron 4000 created as a bomb.

At the end of the adventure, Auric appears at the party. He rewards the Skylander with a generous amount of money. (He is located right off the beach on a walkway of rocks and turtles that leads into the water.) Any visits to him thereafter are fruitless, with Auric saying "Done and done, pleasure doing business with you."

Skylanders: Giants

Auric was encountered on Junkyard Isles where the Skylanders come to him to buy a new ship engine. When the crew agrees to take Auric along on their journey, the banker can be found throughout the many levels of the game, having set up shop. Talking to him will let you buy items from his store.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Auric is stationed in the Skylanders Academy, where he reopened his store for the Skylanders to buy hats, trinkets, and other items.


  • Auric is the chemical name given to an ion of Gold (Au3+), a reference to the fact that gold is most often used as a currency in most role playing games.
  • He is based on the character Moneybags from the original Spyro series.
  • It is unknown how he has managed to set up shops in Kaos' Kastle, Drill-X's Big Rig, the Lost City of Arkus, or other hard-to-get-to places. It is possible that he is, to some degree, neutral, selling to whoever will pay money.
  • In Trap Team, you can pickpocket him while playing as Nightshade.
  • Auric does not appear in Skylanders: SuperChargers. However, he is replaced by a "friendly proprietor" Mabu in the renovated Academy Store known as Ari, whose name is pronounced similarly.


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