Assault on Skylander Academy is the twelfth episode in the Skylanders Academy television series, and the final episode of Season 1.


When Eon falls seriously ill, the Skylanders must race to find a light energy source to heal him. Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders attack the academy.


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After his first usage of the Book of Dark Magic, Master Eon studied the dark relic for some time, and his condition grew worse in the process, making him easily tired and falling in and out of consciousness. Though Hugo arrived with food and a smoothie with darkness immunity shots, Eon requested greater help from the Skylanders, before collapsing due to coughing once again.

By the time he is in condition to talk again, Team Spyro had already arrived, and while denying Hugo's chicken soup, he explains that he needed the light from the Core of Light to combat the darkness now coursing through his veins. The Core is located in The Isle of the Citadel, which even Jet-Vac thought to be a legend, built by Eon after the events of the Great War. While warning the team about its dangers and secrets, however, the wizard's strength wanes once again, and Hugo continues his explanation, and gives the Skylanders a flask themed after Eon's helmet while they placed him in the nearby sofa. Once ready, the Mabu instructed them to stand on tiles representing their elements in the Library floor, and the Skylanders quickly rearrange themselves to activate the tile portal and transport themselves to the island. Ready for action, the group quickly follows the nearest path.

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In Kaossandra's Castle, the sorceress waits for Glumshanks to arrive, and explains to him that she would be leaving to Skylanders Academy to retrieve her spellbook, and that he had to keep Kaos occupied until she returned to keep him from interfering. Assuring her that he had several methods to distract her son, he immediately leaves to the Guest Castle to announce game night, bringing in several tabletop games. However, in the meantime, Kaos made up his mind about leaving to find the Book of Dark Magic himself, taking notice that its dark magic increased his own power, and is adamant about ignoring the games in an attempt to convince his mother to teach him about the dark spells. Glumshanks quickly tries to list him other things to do, but running out of options, he attempts to physically stop Kaos and order him to stay inside. However, the moment of authority particularly angered the sorcerer, and Kaos used dark electric tethers to throw Glumshanks around as punishment, until the troll gave in and followed him to Skylanders Academy.

Long before their arrival, however, Chompy Mage is already silently moving through the school's courtyard on a bush costume, but before reaching the end of the garden, he suddenly notices Dreamcatcher with a fake cloud taped over her back; and worse yet, just as the Chompy sorcerer called her out, Chef Pepper Jack passed through them, mistaking the disguises for the real thing. As the three call out each other, they discover Wolfgang behind Chompy Mage, and promptly Golden Queen arrives from under the island, berating them for trying to infiltrate the Academy without her. Though Dreamcatcher tries to accuse the queen of also trying to act solo, she is met with yelling as the statue attempts to assert her leadership, and eventually Broccoli Guy finds the group from above, complaining that they lied to him about going to the beach instead. Just as the team is completed, their arguing is heard by Ka-Boom, who despite struggling with the call, assembles the nearby cadets and Skylanders to attack.

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At the Isle of the Citadel, Team Spyro reaches the first trial between them and the Core of Light, taking the shape of a glowing door with a voice recording from Eon. Welcoming the group, the record offers them their first challenge; answering to it the thing they fear the most. However, when the Skylanders attempt to answer with their own fears, the door instead responds by summoning chains and locks to itself, and the heroes get increasingly desperate that their next answers would prevent them from advancing. However, Spyro and Pop Fizz figure out the door wants their current biggest fear, and they sucessfully answer by saying they are afraid of not being able to save their headmaster. The recording congratulates them and the door opens to another area of the island, and the group quickly heads inside.

Back at the Academy, the Doom Raiders are facing the end of a beatdown from the cadets and the few Skylanders nearby, taken out by their projectiles and forced to flee. With a well aimed tackle from Skull on Dreamcatcher, the villains leave the island, prompting Snap Shot and Ka-Boom to discuss pursuing them now that they have a chance of capturing the gang; however, their absence would leave the cadets as the school's only defense, and they choose to stay and be on high alert. From the teleport pad area, meanwhile, Kaossandra overhears their conversation, and decides to leave without risking an encounter. With the threat gone, Hugo takes the time to check on Master Eon at the Library, but with the corruption still advancing, the headmaster loses his mind and momentarily attacks him before regaining his senses. Seeing that even his assistant was unsafe, Eon orders him to lock the building, and to not allow anyone but the core Skylanders with the light vial.

The second trial awaited Team Spyro at the citadel, with Dale the wizard waiting for them at the second door. Though the gatekeeper approaches them with the intent to make small talk, Stealth Elf instead hurries him to get to the challenge, angering him. With elaborate gestures, Dale asks them about something that hides behind the stars, something that could be feared, and would always return when one closed their eyes. With the end of the riddle, the wizard haughtily adds that they only had ten seconds and storm clouds start to gather at the area, panicking the group as they are unable to think of something. As the others give random guesses, Eruptor starts to feel stressed, and fearing that they had no chance of saving Eon, steps back and closes his eyes. As he remarks that it looks dark, the others solve the riddle by guessing it was about the darkness, clearing the clouds and Dale's mood for a second. He happily allows them into the door to another area with a request that they drop by another time to talk, but as they leave, he somberly explains the reason for his loneliness to himself by regretting that he outlived his family.

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At the Falling Forest, the Doom Raiders lazily lean against the trees to recover from the beatdown, with Chef Pepper Jack remarking that at least no one else saw their overwhelming defeat. However, he is mistaken, as Kaossandra walks in the clearing, sarcastically clapping and berating them for being beaten by cadets. Before she can mock them any further, Golden Queen steps between her underlings and the sorceress, remarking that the Book of Dark Magic must be very valuable to drive its owner out of the castle to look for it. Dismissing the greedy implications, Kaossandra explains that as valuable as it is, the Academy on high alert means that it would be harder than ever to recover, and the only way for her to get to it would be by working with the gang. When Golden Queen asks for their reward for helping, the sorceress offers them to take Skylanders Academy and everything on it if they take down its defenses as long as the book was hers, and the other Doom Raiders quickly coerce their leader into accepting it. As they make their way back, the golden statue wonders if they'll see Kaossandra's powers in action; but she assures them that it would be best if it wasn't necessary, as they are unstable from unuse. When asked about Kaos, however, she dismisses their concerns and assures them that he can't make the situation any worse.

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As the sorcerer was unknowingly right for the wrong reasons, Kaos and Glumshanks reached the Academy Courtyard in their usual minimal disguises to approach Hugo. Though they attempted to enter through a tour of the school by pretending Glumshanks has special powers, Hugo insisted them to return another day, only for Kaos to drop the disguise and knock him out with a blast of dark magic. Startled by the sudden attack, Ka-Boom and Snap Shot had no time to react before Kaos fired their next shot at them, blowing up the main hall doors behind them and defeating the Trap Masters. Despite this, the cadets and Food Fight are adamant to defend the building themselves by standing between him and the entrances, only for the evil sorcerer to levitate and attack them with empowered blasts and a magic shield strong enough to knock the last few physical attackers out.

Just as the defenses were taken out, the Doom Raiders and Kaossandra returned, and though Kaos' mother attempts to berate him and Glumshanks, the troll explains that the sorcerer's power had grown to impressive levels. Kaos supports his claim by explaining that he is attacking the school to get the Book of Dark Magic back for her and prove his new might, before being interrupted by Golden Queen as she asks to enter the school. She quickly orders Wolfgang to hypnotize the Skylanders and cadets to prevent them from interfering any further, and as the gang walks into the main hall, Kaos asks Kaossandra about her infiltration plan, only for her to hastly order him to do nothing else and follow her inside; angering the sorcerer as his efforts were ignored entirely.

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Once more at the Isle of the Citadel, the remaining Skylanders reach the final door, but it suddenly opens on its own to an endless expanse of sky. Confused, Stealth Elf attempts to walk past the door only to notice a forcefield, and Eruptor assumes they took the wrong path and tries to leave. Spyro, however, is sure that there is no other way to save Eon, and tries to coerce his friends to jump through the door with him. Though at first they are hesitant, the dragon's assurance that they must test their bravery together changes their minds; and when the group leaps, the sky warps itself to reveal the final path, safely stopping their fall, and Eon's voice recording finally welcomes them to the Core of Light. At first, the group can only admire the great machine that held the world's balance, but Spyro catches their attention by hurrying them to fulfill their task. With Pop Fizz's help, Spyro flies up to the Crystal Eye's beam, and uses it to fill the flask. Just as they obtain the light cure, however, Jet-Vac recieves a call, and is greeted by Hugo's exasperated screams as he informs them the Academy is under attack.

Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders, Kaossandra, Glumshanks and Kaos are in progress of taking down the doors to the Library and climbing up to the Relics Room. Though Kaos quickly opens the secret bookshelf, they are greeted by the beard scanner, but Kaossandra takes the lead to destroy the entrance entirely. Reaching the vault, they discover Master Eon, and while Kaos briefly taunts the wizard, the Golden Queen orders her gang to steal anything they can carry from the piles of riches. With the other villains occupying themselves to the rest of the room, Kaossandra immediately guesses that Master Eon's condition was caused by her book's spells, but the headmaster ignores her insult to retort that he used it to help a friend regardless of the risk. Before they can continue to argue, however, they are interrupted by Kaos, who retrieves the previously lost astral recording of the map to the Core of Light, and gleefully presents it to the Golden Queen as his part of their deal.

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However, Eon uses the last of strength in his voice to taunt the sorcerer, explaining he used his magic to move the Core of Light, making the map useless. When Kaos nearly fires a spell at him, Golden Queen assures it won't be necessary, as she reveals she found the Book of Dark Magic. Though Kaossandra tries to get it back from her, the golden statue assures her betrayal by adamantly refusing and starting to leave, putting her underlings between her and the sorceress. Kaossandra announces that she is left with no other choices but to strike back, and though Glumshanks quickly ducks behind her, Kaos is interrupted by Golden Queen, who tries to coerce him to join the group and rule as he should. His mother, however, tries to convince him to continue with stern orders, prompting the other sorceress to taunt them by claiming that Kaossandra never allowed him to use his true potential and shunned Kaos from birth; demonstrating by stopping her gang from laughing at him with a gesture.

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When he tries to get answers from Kaossandra, however, she stubbornly refuses to explain anything, and even when he offers to stay as long as she teaches him how to be like her, she refuses and tries to justify it by forcing him to take her word for it. He is unconvinced, and now that he is sure she is taking him for granted, stays with the Doom Raiders, regardless of the spell she was about to cast. She responds with a powerful wave of dark magic that temporarily stops all of them, but is temporarily weakened, and Glumshanks takes her away before the Doom Raiders could recover, without the Book of Dark Magic; while she helplessly turns around, however, she catches sight of Eon dragging the book near him. Kaos is mostly unaffected by the spell and pursues the two as they break the Library's skylights to escape, asking to be taken with them. Disappointed with his choice, however, she forbids him from returning home entirely and levitates away. Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders can barely walk out of the vault and make a run for it, but Kaos stops Golden Queen, turning to her instead as he proved where his loyalties are. Satisfied with it, she makes him a Doom Raider on the spot, and uses her telekinesis to take both of them away from the building.

Just as they disappear from view, Team Spyro finally returns through the portal, startled by the destroyed state of the Library. Spyro notices Master Eon crawling out of the Relics Room and quickly holds him to use the flask, and a few seconds after drinking it, the wizard is completely healed. Soon after, the headmaster is already on his work desk drinking Hugo's smoothie, and thanks the Skylanders for their efforts in saving him. When Spyro asks the next step, however, Eon announces he will take the book where it wouldn't harm anyone, and camly asks the group to go home and rest.


Later that night, in the Falling Forest, he makes true to his promise by taking the book with him, but not to hide it - instead, Kaossandra requests it when she notices him, and while explaining that he now knows it's safer for everyone if the tome is in her care, he gives it to her and leaves, asking her to do what needs to be done. Not too long after she makes sure of it by finishing her meditation once again at her castle, satisfied to go through various pages, when a dark red smoke emerges from the open book and envelops the room. The red eyed entity appears surprised to see that she obtained the book again, but with a smile, she assures he isn't going anywhere and prompt closes it, making the smoke disappear.

In another area of the forest, Kaos sits beside a fire with the rest of the Doom Raiders at one of Chompy Mage's many camps, listing things that he could do to help. However, the Golden Queen explains that she leads the gang alone and should leave the thinking to her, starting with the sorcerer informing her of everything he knows about the Book of Dark Magic. When he sheepishly asks what is so important about it, she explains that, if Kaossandra risked her own life to it, the tome is the most likely source of darkness to reign over Skylands, and a way to destroy the Skylands forever; and with his knowledge, they would be able to use its evil for themselves. As the other Doom Raiders laugh about their plan, though, Kaos could not help but feel somewhat hesitant.

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  • Kaossandra and Eon reveal to have met one another before.
  • As of this episode, Kaos is now a full member of the Doom Raiders but now can no longer return home.
  • The entity sealed in the Book of Dark Magic manifests for the first time.

Errors & Mistakes

  • Despite the joke that Team Spyro hadn't seen the elemental pads for most of the season in the Library, they were never there before the events of this episode. Three of the pads do not match the carpet that supposedly covered them.
    • This error would be later rectified in It Techs Two, where the portal is shown to be invisible when not in use.
  • When Hex, Roller Brawl and Bad Breath attack Kaos at the main hall's doors, only Skull and Roller Brawl are targeted by his attacks. In their next frame, however, all of them are on the other side of the courtyard, incapacitated.
  • When Team Spyro approaches Eon at the end of the episode to cure him, he is laying face-down, but when the potion's effects end, he is laying face-up.


  • Glumshanks references a number of real-life board games when trying to distract Kaos with a game night:
    • Skyopoly is a reference to Monopoly.
    • Cards Against Troll Dignity is a reference to Cards Against Humanity.
  • When attacking Kaos, Skull exclaims, "What a day! What a lovely day!", a famous quote from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.
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