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The Arkeyans were an ancient race whose technological remnants can be seen all throughout Skylands in the Skylanders series. They first appeared in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, and later played a much bigger role in Skylanders: Giants.

Arkeyans have the tendency to forget things that are underneath them, which makes them lose crucial items such as the map to the Lost City of Arkus and the underground vault where the map is kept in.[1]



Many eons ago, the Arkeyans had protected Skylands from The Darkness. The true origins of the Arkeyans are lost in the mists of time (which everyone admits was a bit careless). All that was known was that they began experimenting with magic and technology to create incredible new machinery... but, as so often happens, they went too far. The Arkeyans found themselves advancing much faster than the other races of Skylands. They were the first to discover the Tech element, and later, were the first to discover a way to merge Magic and Tech together. This discovery made them ridiculously powerful. Soon, their quest for knowledge turned into a quest for power.

The good Arkeyans stood against their power-hungry brethern and said that instead, they should focus on music, the arts, and popular sport at the time, Roboto-Ball. The problem was that since roboto-balls themselves had the tendency to explode, most peaceful Arkeyans eventually disappeared. The war-driven Arkeyans soon outnumbered the peaceful ones, and the Arkeyan conquest of Skylands began.[2]

Led by the Arkeyan King, who wielded an iron fist known as the 'Iron Fist of Arkus', the Arkeyan Empire spread like wildfire. During their rule, the Arkeyans uncovered the secrets of the Eternal Magic Source and guarded it to prevent future generations from discovering their secrets.

The original Skylanders, the Giants, banded together to free Skylands from the Arkeyan's tyrannical reign and defeat the Arkeyan King. In an epic battle, they managed to lock an elite battalion of Arkeyan robots inside a vault. With the Arkeyan forces weakened, the Giants went after the King and removed the Iron Fist from his defeated hand, destroying him and deactivating countless Arkeyan robots spread across Skylands. But the Giants' act of bravery carried a heavy price, and they were swept from Skylands, arriving on Earth where they have been buried for 10,000 years.

The Machine of Doom

The Arkeyans had built a large machine that was capable of destroying the Core of Light, called The Machine of Doom. However, it was built as a trap used to capture those who were tempted to steal the weapon, knowing that anyone who was brave enough to get through the Forest of Fear and their worst nightmares, stole the Chattering Key from the stone wyvern, and tempted enough to climb into the Machine of Doom was too dangerous to walk free.

Kaos had used the Machine of Doom to trick the Skylanders into trying to reach it, therefore springing the trap in order to bury the heroes alive. His plan failed, as the Skylanders were able to control the Machine, and they and Kaos were able to escape the Arkeyan trap.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

In Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, Arkeyans are found near the end of the game. The history of the Arkeyans is explored in the Quicksilver Vault and Arkeyan Armory. One Arkeyan, the Weapon Master, helped the Skylanders retrieve the Quicksilver and the Eternal Magic Source.

Some Arkeyans were left behind by their civilization as defences for their abandoned Armory and Vault, but they are enemies to the Skylanders who seek out the final Magic components to the Core of Light. Other Arkeyans defend areas of their species' interest throughout Skylands.

Skylanders: Giants

Kaos, after his defeat by the new Portal Master, managed to reactivate an Arkeyan Conquertron and aimed to use the Arkeyans' enchanted Iron Fist to resurrect the ancient army. The Giants were unearthed and were returned to Skylands to face this threat along with their new allies. After a chase through the world to keep Kaos from using it, the fist was lost to an enormous group of Chompies and the Arkeyan army became dormant once again.

Skylanders: Swap Force

A few Arkeyans powered up by Petrified Darkness were buried in the Rampant Ruins, guarded by the Stone Monkey, though many smaller robots broke free and rose from their graves.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Several Arkeyans can be seen in the Arkeyan Forge and the Temple of Arkus tracks during the racing part of Skylanders: SuperChargers.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Arkeyans can be seen among the wreckage of the Sensei Tech Realm.

Notable Arkeyans




Enemy Arkeyans


  • Arkeyan comes from the word 'Archaean'.
  • Drobot assembled his robotic suit using Arkeyan technology.
  • As the Iron Fist of Arkus can turn organic beings into mechanical versions of themselves, plus the fact that the City of Arkus had a bakery (which is stated to have fallen into disuse as robots have no need to eat), it is possible that the Arkeyans were originally organic and became robotic.
  • As the Arkeyan Conquertron mentions the Arkeyans' "glorious" temples, it is possible that the Arkeyans had some form of religion. It is also possible that the temples were for the worship of the Arkeyans themselves by "lower" species.


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