The Arkeyan War Machines are large mechanical machines that were laid dormant after the defeat of the Arkeyans and the deactivation of the Iron Fist of Arkus in the Skylanders series.

After the Skylanders restored power to the Arkeyan Armory, they must pilot an Arkeyan War Machine to navigate their way through the Halls of Molten Fire. Only one enemy Arkeyan War Machine is been encountered and needs to be defeated in order to move on. The machines are impervious to lava, as seen when you are walking through the Halls.

In Skylanders: Giants, the player can control again a War Machine in Secret Vault of Secrets, haunted by the Machine Ghost. They also appear as enemies in the same level and later seen in the background of Bringing Order to Kaos.

In Skylanders: Trap Team, Mags uses a salvaged blue War Machine to fight against the Sky Pirates in Skyhighlands.


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