“Ancient Arkeyan war machine.”
    —Game description

Arkeyan Ultrons are ancient war machines first found in the Molekin Mine, where they are stuck in rock and will attack a Skylander when released from the rock. They make their first real appearance in Quicksilver Vault. These robotic warriors are usually guarding gates or other important areas. Its appendages are two giant bomb-launchers. The Ultron first launches a series of guided bombs skyward, then shoots blue tracking beams from its eyes. If the tracking beams hit a Skylander, a red targeting beam locks onto their position, and the previously launched bombs drop down on them.

In Skylanders: Giants, however, they play a completely different role. They appear in Secret Vault of Secrets, where they are regular enemies when you are using Machine Ghost's robot body. In Autogyro Adventure they are an enemy that attack the Autogyro that Flynn and the player use to navigate through the level. They are often protected by shields, which must be broken by rockets. They are always fought when the copter does a main landing. They do not appear in optional landing areas.


  • They are one of the few enemies that aren't introduced when they first appear.
  • They are one of the few enemies that are not introduced in Skylanders: Giants.

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