This article is about the species from the Skylanders Academy television series. You may be looking for the species from the canon games.

Arkeyan Robots are a villainous type of robot in the Skylanders Academy TV series, modeled after their game counterparts, Arkeyan Shield Juggernauts. Unlike Mechana-Trolls, they act independently, and are prone to acts of violence.


Season 1

An Arkeyan Robot was briefly seen in Campus Town and in the line to the Skylands DMV in Missing Links.

Season 2

In One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest, an Arkeyan Robot attempted to attack a Mabu after unknowingly walking away from its territory, attempting to assault it and its child even after being corrected. Though Master Eon attempted to intervene, he was thrown into a hole and mocked by the robot before it gave up and returned to its actual address.

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  • As the Arkeyan Robots shown in the show as of Season 2 are rarely given speaking lines, it is unknown if the robot in One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest is the same one as every other appearance, like the father Fire Viper.
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