The Arkeyan King was the previous ruler of the Arkeyans who had ruled over Skylands 10,000 years ago. He was defeated by the Giants, who afterwards removed the Iron Fist of Arkus from the king's grasp. Upon their king's defeat, the Arkeyan robots around Skylands were shut down.


  • The Arkeyan King has the same model as the Arkeyan War Machine. The only thing that sets him apart from the other Arkeyans was his crown and the Iron Fist of Arkus.
  • As the Iron Fist of Arkus can turn organic entities into massive Arkeyan versions of themselves, it is not entirely impossible that the Arkeyan king was, at one point, (possibly even all the Arkeyans) organic. This idea is furthered by the fact that the city of Arkus has a bakery area (implying that Arkeyans could eat at one point), which is stated to have fallen into disuse since robots don't eat.
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