“Strikes fear into all Mabu.”
    —Game description

Arkeyan Jousters are the second enemies encountered and the first Arkeyans encountered in Skylanders: Giants. They are melee attackers that slam the ground directly in front of them with their pikes.

Later in Giants, their pikes are charged with electricity and it creates an electric aura around the pike's tip, making their attacks harder to evade. They also have a shield to block other attacks. Whether or not an Arkeyan Jouster is electrically charged can be determined by the color of its armor: non-electrical ones are red and grey, and electrical ones are yellow and green.

Game Data

Health: 20 HP (15 HP) Damage methods:

  • Pike attack: 14-19 damage

Health: 35 HP (15 HP) Damage methods:

  • Pike attack: 36-41 damage

Health: 40 HP (15 HP) Damage methods:

  • Pike attack: 66-70 damage

Health: 80 HP (15 HP) Damage methods:

  • Pike attack: 145-150 damage

Italicized text refers to values only present in Heroic Challenges.

Values may vary depending on location, difficulty, and/or other factors.


  • Arkeyan Jousters never joust, despite their name.
  • The Arkeyan Jousters in the boss fight in Bringing Order to Kaos! are slightly different. They are grey and red and don't have shields, but they attack like electrical Jousters.
  • Very strangely, in Skystones, the Arkeyan Jouster 1 Skystone does a different attack movement when it takes over other skystones from all the other Arkeyan Jouster stones.
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