“Welcome, racers to the Arkeyan Forge! That's right, some of those behemoth bucket of bolts were actually made right here! In fact, there are still two of them on the course- locked in a battle of rock paper scissors- or ROBO-SHAMBO as those in the know call it. HA!”

The Arkeyan Forge is the fifth and final sky race track of Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. It is an old factory filled with molten metal, Arkeyan body parts, and, as Pandergast explains, red and blue Arkeyan robots playing rock paper scissors. Whenever the game commences, Pandergast will say, "Rock! Paper! Scissors!" When a bot wins, the red and blue rings will either contain a Rift Surge Ring or electricity, but if it's a tie, they will both contain Rift Surge Rings.

Event Challenges

  • The Splendiferous Tour
    • Race
  • The Magnificent Tour
    • Dogfight
    • Ghost Race
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