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“You have trespassed on the site of our glorious temples. Return to your post at once and resume serving your Arkeyan masters.”
    —Arkeyan Conquertron

The Arkeyan Conquertron is a giant robot built by the Arkeyans. He appeared in the console versions of Skylanders: Giants, where Kaos managed to take control of him upon his return to Skylands.

There is also a Conquertron Skystone for sale in Bringing Order to Kaos! in Auric's shop, just outside the Throne Room. The Conquertron Skystone costs 6,500 gold coins, but it is the best Skystone in the game, having 4 blades on every side.


As his name suggests, the Arkeyan Conquertron towers virtually over all creatures and conquers anything in his path.[1] He willingly serves those who have 'appetites for conquest'.


10,000 years ago, the Arkeyan Conquertron was built as a security robot by the Arkeyan King to ensure that none of the enslaved Mabu slacked off on their work or attempted to escape. He was confronted by the Skylanders, and though he attempted to stop them from destroying the chains supporting the platform he stood on, he failed and fell into the abyss. He crashed to the ground of an unknown island, where he laid dormant for years.

The Conquertron was discovered years later by Kaos upon his arrival back to Skylands, and the electricity that still lingered on the evil Portal Master inadvertently brought the Conquertron back to full power. Kaos then took control of the Arkeyan after the robot sensed the evil Portal Master's desire for conquest. The Arkeyan Conquertron proceeded to aid Kaos in his quest to rule Skylands, guiding him to various locations and eventually reaching the Lost City of Arkus, where Kaos was able to acquire the Iron Fist of Arkus and rise to power over all Arkeyans.

After Kaos was defeated by the Skylanders, it was the Arkeyan Conquertron who saved the evil Portal Master from being crushed by a fallen Arkeyan War Machine. Ignoring Kaos' demands to return for the Iron Fist of Arkus, the Conquertron took both Kaos and Glumshanks out of the crumbling Arkeyan city to safety. However, his power was starting to shut down along with the other Arkeyans, as there was no longer an Arkeyan king to lead them. The Conquertron eventually powered off, his robotic form crashing and exploding on an isolated island.



The Conquertron was willing to please his new master and stay on his good side as much as possible. He would also go as far as to blame others for mishaps Kaos initially blamed the Conquertron for.


At first, the Arkeyan Conquertron was seemingly neutral to Glumshank's presence, but that changed when the Conquertron attempted to put the blame on Glumshanks for 'destroying' the map to the Lost City of Arkus.


  • "Hitting the ropes affects my ability to conquer. This is not good."
  • "You have trespassed on the site of our glorious temples. Return to your post at once, and resume serving your Arkeyan masters."
  • "I insist you refrain from trying to defeat me."
  • "Unauthorized heroic behavior is not allowed."
  • "My sensors indicate insufficient respect for your rulers."
  • "Communication with others is prohibited."
  • "Winning is not permitted."
  • "Initiating "I will destroy you" sequence."
  • "Uh oh. Losing balance."
  • "Oh no. My stabilizers seems to be malfunctioned."
  • "Your attempt to destroy me is completely unauthorized."
  • "Initiating "getting angry" sequence."
  • "Initiating "getting REALLY angry" sequence."
  • "Falling sequence started."


  • He is voiced by George Takei, who is well-known for his role as Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek.
  • During his short reign over the Arkeyans, Kaos called the Arkeyan Conquertron 'Sir My Loyal Servant Conquertron' for his devoted loyalty.
    • Kaos also announced that Glumshanks would serve the Conquertron as his "oiling assistant third class" despite years of his faithful service.


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