“Ich! Spiders! Not my favorite bug by a longshot. Good thing you'll be ridding this dungeon of 8 of the biggest, grossest ones I've seen! See if you can do it in a few minutes!”

Arachnid Antichamber is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. It is unlocked by Sunburn in Spyro's Adventure. It uses a map similar in design to Cadaverous Crypt and requires all eight Gargantulas to be defeated in under three minutes.

The eight Gargantulas are found in set locations in the map. Going up the set of stairs to the right at the start of the Challenge (next to the first Gargantula) takes the Skylander to a long corridor with many Shadow Knights and two more Gargantulas. In this corridor are lines of Shadow Knights blocking the way to two teleporters; both of these teleporters lead to more Gargantulas. There is another room that is also blocked by Shadow Knights in a different area of the map, but this room is empty.



  • The Gargantulas in this Challenge do not spawn Spider Swarmers when they are defeated.

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