The Angry Mutant Tree, also known as the Giant Tentacle Plant Monster, is a monstrous giant tree in Skylanders: Imaginators. It was created among the other plant mutants by Grandmaster Cami Flage's fertilizer in the Enchanted Elven Forest, but the fires she also caused have turned it violent, only spreading the fire further as it lashed its vine tentacles in a canopy.

The Skylanders fight it by dousing the fires on its vines, until it revealed itself at the top of another tree. Whilst fighting other plant monsters, the Skylanders defeat the Angry Mutant Tree by attacking the remaining vines, creating an opening into its mouth to douse the last source of fire and calm it down. Unlike the other monsters, the Mutant Tree revealed itself to be friendly, and apologized for the trouble it caused while in pain.

Adventure Packs

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Evil Flynn - Luminous - Nightshade - Fake Crash - Angry Mutant Tree -The Rubble Maker
Vathek - Vortex Monster

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