Anger Mismanagement is the seventh episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


Eruptor goes to anger management when his temper puts missions at risk, but he'll need to tap back into his rage to get the Skylanders out of trouble.


The Skylanders are on an undercover mission of apprehending Chef Pepper Jack, who is allegedly plotting in secret at a local restaurant. They decide to pose as customers as they wait for Pepper Jack's presence. Kaos assists Pepper Jack in the kitchen as he makes more of his weaponized chili that is to be served at the upcoming Chili Chomp Festival at the Academy. However, when Glumshanks serve the Skylanders with cold soup, Eruptor's short-temper exposes their identities, allowing Glumshanks to warn Chef Pepper Jack and escape altogether.

Afterwards, Eruptor's anger issues reaches a breaking point and reluctantly he has to undergo therapy. Master Eon provides Eruptor their best anger management therapist, Hugo. Eruptor's early days of therapeutic sessions agonizes him but throughout an entire month, his therapy becomes effective until Eruptor is finally able to calm himself and is no longer easily angered. 

To completely mitigate his uncontrolled anger, Eruptor has to stay away from consuming spicy food, voluntarily excluding himself in this year's Chili Chomp Festival. The Skylanders support his decision even though their status as champion consumers of chili is at risk. Unbeknownst to Master Eon and most of the Academy's inhabitants participating, the entire supply of free chilies are sponsored by Chef Pepper Jack and Kaos who are under disguise. As all of them consume the chili, including Master Eon, Eruptor is almost tempted to try also but is prevented by his therapist Hugo, who convinces him to leave the festival. Subsequently, the harmful content in the chili kicks in and quickly renders everyone immobile as they go through painful stomachaches, all the while Chef Pepper Jack and Kaos reveal themselves as they proceed to plant their burrito bomb at the Library.

With no one able to defend the Academy, Eruptor remains the only capable Skylander but he and Hugo have isolated themselves from the festival. Fortunately, Eruptor decides to return and offer his gratitude for the Skylanders' encouragement to help him be balanced. He quickly becomes alert of what has transpired in the festival as Master Eon urges him to use his lava powers and prevent Kaos and Pepper Jack from destroying the Academy. However, to do so would mean he has to be angry again and Eruptor's nurtured behavior wavers his ability to revert back being enraged. Eon and the Skylanders try to encourage him, but Pop Fizz's confession that he secretly keeps eating Eruptor's favorite cereal quickly reignites the lava monster's anger and charges to the Academy.

Pepper Jack prepares to light the igniter on his burrito bombs just as Eruptor jumps in in time to confront them. But he inadvertently ignites it himself after stepping on the string with his lava-flowing foot. With only a few moments to spare, Kaos and Pepper Jack abandon the Academy while Eruptor boldly devours the burrito bomb which creates a powerful explosion, seemingly killing him but preventing the Academy from certain destruction. The still recovering Master Eon and Skylanders arrive and find Eruptor's remains. Fortunately, Eruptor is actually able to regenerate himself, much to the relief of the team. 

Eruptor comes to realization that even after raging out he is still able to quell his negative emotions, in which Hugo finally declares his treatment is a success. With the Skylanders recovering from the chili, they decide to return to the festival and ensure no one else consumes the remaining chili. However, Pop Fizz himself is unable to prevent himself from consuming another bowl of chili, putting himself into another round of painful stomach aches. No one bothers to help him though, as Eruptor believes he deserves it after knowing Pop Fizz's lied about not eating his favorite cereal.

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  • The Gazpacho served at the beginning of the episode was stated by Glumshanks to be emulsified with Unicorn tears.
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