The Ancient Elementals are giant mystical creatures that reside in the Cloudbreak Islands. Once every hundred years, they gather to the peak of the Cloudbreak Volcano where they perform a ritual with powerful magic, triggering an eruption that will replenish all the magic in Skylands.

However in Skylanders: Swap Force, Kaos plotted to evilize one of the Elementals so that when the corrupted creature performs the ritual with its fellow Elementals, the volcano would become evilized and spread darkness throughout Skylands. This plan was foiled by the Skylanders, and the Ancient Elementals were saved.

List of Ancient Elementals


  • Accord to a Story Scroll, the Ancient Elementals possess the ability to recycle magic, in which they absorb leftover magic which they save until it is time to release it into the Cloudbreak Volcano.
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