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Adventure Packs are special bundle packs that you can buy to unlock new levels in the Skylanders series, typically represented by Location Figures. If placed on the Portal of Power in the corresponding game's Hub, the location figure unlocks a new level. Adventure Pack levels from Spyro's Adventure can also be unlocked in Giants.

If used in a level or in games after their release, the location figures shoot fireballs or other effects from the sky, then cause a shockwave that deals 999 damage to all enemies on-screen. (Note: They deal less damage on bosses). The Adventure Packs and Expansion Packs added in Trap Team lack this functionality as it is the last game to have the shockwave effect, while in SuperChargers the pieces add decorations for the hub. In Imaginators, the figures are simply added to the miscellaneous items collection, granting a small amount of treasure the first time they are placed on the portal.

Physical Contents

In Spyro's Adventure, Swap Force and Trap Team, the Adventure Packs include a standard amount of figures: A Core Skylander, a location figure and two Magic Items. Additionally, Trap Team has two Expansion Packs, featuring a Trap Master, a Trap, and the location figure.

In Imaginators, there are three different pack configurations.

  • Two of them are bundled similarly to the Expansion Packs in Trap Team: A Sensei, a location figure and a Creation Crystal. Their levels are unlocked by the respective location figures.
  • Thumpin' Wumpa Islands features 2 Senseis, either of which will unlock the level when added to the game. Its Senseis are alternatively available in the Crash Edition Starter Pack.
  • There are also two Level Packs, which feature a Sensei, a Creation Crystal and an Imaginite Mystery Chest. Their levels are unlocked by the respective Senseis, provided the game is updated to include the level entrances on the M.A.P.

List of Adventure Packs

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Skylanders: Swap Force

Skylanders: Trap Team

Skylanders: Imaginators


Adventures Packs

Expansion Packs

Level Packs

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  • Each Adventure Pack has its own unique icon, however, they are not seen in-game (excluding the web game) and only on their respective packaging.
  • Air has more Skylanders available in Adventure Packs than any other element. Four as of Imaginators: Pop Thorn, (Legendary) Blades, Air Strike and Wild Storm.
  • Life was the last element to have Skylanders featured in Adventure Packs, with Boom Bloom in Enchanted Elven Forest, and Crash Bandicoot in Thumpin' Wumpa Islands. Both of these were released during Imaginators.
  • Giants and SuperChargers are the only main games in the series not to receive a new Adventure Pack.
    • SuperChargers is the only one of these to not have a playable Adventure Pack at all.
  • Swap Force is currently the game with the lowest number of Adventure Packs.
  • Location Figures are a special type of Magic Items, with a separate icon to differentiate them from the standard items.
    • In Trap Team, Adventure Packs from earlier games are listed simply as Magic Items, likely due to the inability to access their respective levels in Trap Team.
  • Thumpin' Wumpa Islands is the first Adventure Pack not including a location figure, and the only one not to include any non-Skylander figures.
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