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“Peace? Harmony? Leave it to me!”
    —Ring of Heroes

Adriana is the Life elemental Portal Master in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. She is the Energetic Gardener.


As soon as Adriana crashed through the portal into Skylands, the first thing she did was to take care of the plants in the garden that came over from Earth with her. Tears welled up. The leaves were gone, the branches were broken, the roots were running out of soil and drying up. This was an unfortunate accident where a portal was opened in the middle of a garden raised by love. Adriana stamped her feet. She needed to make sure her babies could breathe as fast as possible. All she had to do was jump back into the portal to go back home. As she knelt on the ground to dig up the soil, she heard a voice.

"I understand the affection, but I don’t think it’s a wise idea to plant plants from Earth here."

It was Master Eon that stopped Adriana from overdoing it. But Adriana had no idea at the time.

"And so is the idea of jumping back into that portal. The dimension is constantly twisting, and no one knows if that portal is still connected to earth."

Master Eon makes a suggestion to the sullen Adriana.

"I'll save your friends. Hmm... in a slightly different way. Can you do me a favor instead?"

Gardener-turned-Portal Master Adriana gives enemies a terrifying blow with plant friends adapted to Skylands under the magic of Master Eon. She's careful and delicate when taking care of the plants, but she uses simple yet definite damage to the enemies. Adriana's friends, the magic-powered plants in the garden, are transformed by her instructions into gauntlets that are strong and bear the wrath of nature. Skylands is full of all kinds of magical powers, but there’s probably not much magic that can withstand Adriana's pure and intense power.


Adriana can attack with a ground pound of her gauntlet, whose damage is decided by a percentage of her Skylanders' attack, divided by each opponent that recieves damage.


Grind Ground (Active)

[All Allies]
Grants 120% of the sum of the ATK of ally Skylanders as fixed damage effect on all enemies divided equally. (The sum of the ATK is fixed as the sum of the basic ATK of 4 Skylanders that advance first when you enter the stage).

Mana cost: 0
Cooldown: 0



  • She was the last Portal Master added to Ring of Heroes before the game's closure was announced.
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