“Admiral Thumpback has sailed into the kingdom!”
    —Admiral Thumpbacks's description

Admiral Thumpback is a sailor counterpart of Thumpback exclusive to Skylanders: Lost Islands. Unlike the other Lost Islands-exclusive Skylanders, he cannot be owned from the Wishing Well. Instead, you can only get him by paying 2,000 Kudos.



  • Admiral Thumpback is the only Lost Islands-exclusive Skylander to be a Giant.
    • He is also the first Lost Islands-exclusive version of a non-Core Skylander.
    • He is also the first ingame variant Giant exclusive to the tablet games (the second being Obsidian Hot Head).
  • He is the second Lost Islands Exclusive Skylander to be released on September (the other being Autumn Stump Smash).
    • He is also the first Lost Islands exclusive Skylander who was not available in the Wishing Well.
  • He is the only Lost Islands-exclusive Skylander to be bought by Kudos.
    • He is also the only Lost Islands-exclusive Skylander who is always available.
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