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The Academy Store is the shopping center of the Skylanders Academy in Skylanders: SuperChargers. Here, the player can purchase the game's Soul Gems, Wing Sapphires, Hats, Legendary Treasures, and Kaos' Diaries of Doom that can normally be found in Chests hidden within the Chapters.

The Academy Store officially opens in Chapter 22. The Skylander is required to go to the Store before proceeding with the main story. It is located just off of the bridge to the left of the main courtyard. The store is run by a Mabu named Ari, rather than Auric from the previous games.

The Academy Store presents a selection of up to six random items. They are located on presentation shelves. Interacting with a shelf gives the name and price of the item, and the player may purchase the item if he or she chooses. The store restocks with a new random selection of items every time the Skylanders Academy is reloaded. If all unlockable items are already bought, nothing will appear on the presentation shelves.

Just like in previous games, Hats are offered for purchase at various prices, depending on their attributes. Winged Sapphires and Kaos' Diaries can be purchased for 500 gold each, and most Legendary Treasures can also be purchased at various prices.