The Abandoned Factory is the sixth level of Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. It is a gigantic factory built around a Portal of Power, with its previous owners harnessing its power to build strange machines, and it was taken over by Dr. Krankcase in recent times to control it as well.

Long before the events of the game, Krankcase used this hideout to experiment with deadwood, creating Boom Bloom as he was attacked by Tree Rex and other Skylanders.


  1. Factory Entrance
  2. Factory Investigation
  3. Factory Guard Post
  4. Factory Forked Road
  5. Factory Laboratory
  6. Center of the Factory
  7. The Tech Doctor


  • Its assets and color palette resemble The Future of Skylands.
  • Though it is unknown if the Sparring Mode in Episode Dungeons is canon, if so, Boom Bloom remodeled the factory as an overgrown training hall including status screens about herself and other mutant plants, possibly turning it into her dwellings.
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