The Abandoned Amusement Park is the ninth chapter in Skylanders: Imaginators. Once known as Amusement Land, it is where Mags was baking the giant cake to help the Skylanders infiltrate Kaos's lair. But by the time Eruptor arrived, Mags was attacked by an army of rats who claimed the cake for themselves.

The amusement park itself is separated into five different zones: Haunted House, Pirate, Neptune, Future, and Winter Wonderland. It was closed down due to multiple safety violations and attempts at tax evasion.


  • Enter the Amusement Park to Decorate the Cake
  • Move the Octopus
  • Restore Power to the Frosting Cannon
  • Frost the Cake
  • Restore Power to reach the Winter Wonderland
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Areas to Find

  • Haunted Overlook
    • Creepy Crypt
  • Peg Leg Landing
  • The Belfry Arena
  • Submarine Spinner Spans
    • Element: Water
    • Upper Submarine Interior
    • Lower Submarine Interior
  • Frosting Cannon Terrace
  • Galaxy Arena
  • Space Lab Storage
  • Cosmic Crane
  • Winterland Adventure
  • Lower Ridge Arena
  • Upper Ridge Arena
  • Engine Room Challenge
  • Summit Arena

New Enemies

Soul Gems


  • Abandoned Amusement Park shows many similarities to the Tech Theme Park in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Giants, such as the blatant safety violations and similar areas.
  • This is one of the three levels in the main storyline that have no Sensei Shrine (the others being Dragon Temple and the Lair of Kaos).
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