A Traitor Among Us is the fourth episode of Skylanders Academy Season 3.


When Eon increases his beard sense, he discovers there's a traitor at the Academy -- and Eruptor is convinced it's Kaossandra.


With the threat of Kaos's pirate ship along with the Doom Raiders lingering, Master Eon increases security measures with his beard sense. However, his beard detects that someone in the Academy is working for Strykore. As a result, Eon tasks the Skylanders of investigating the traitor's identity while he puts the Academy on high alert. Eruptor believes it to be Kaossandra, based on his prejudice and recent sightings of Kaossandra attempting to contact someone all around the Academy. Although Dark Spyro quickly supports Eruptor's suspicions, Stealth Elf strongly opposes the possibility. Not willing to back down, Eruptor plans to gather evidence to prove his case.

Meanwhile, Dark Spyro rushes back to his room and reports to Strykore about the Academy's acknowledgement of a traitor within. Dark Spyro proposes that he uses the confusion to take out the Skylanders by surprise but Strykore objects, since they still hold knowledge of the Map to Arkus's location. Therefore, Dark Spyro has to resort of keeping suspicion in check while proceeding to find a way to access the secret underground vault.

Eruptor begins his process of gathering evidence that will prove Kaossandra as the mole, by tasking Pop Fizz and Jet-Vac to scour the entire Academy for any such signs, while he tries to lure Kaossandra away from the Academy to prevent her from knowing the investigation. Unfortunately, Eruptor manages to lure Kaossandra, but makes a terrible excuse, allowing Kaossandra to figure out his intentions. While the two dispute, they obliviously fell victim to a net trap sprung by trolls.

At the Library, Dark Spyro manages to breach the Relics Room and proceeds to access the vault, shortly stumbling on a small puzzle cube which he assumes is a toy. When Spyro recites the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme as the password, the security program denies him access since the nursery rhyme needs to be recited by Master Eon's voice. Spyro is prevented from having another turn, when Stealth Elf finds him. She asks for Spyro's help on her quest to discover the true traitor, not Kaossandra, which her instincts suspect is "someone close to her".

Eruptor and Kaossandra are brought to the Troll Dome where every year, trolls gather their captives and are forced into combat. Kaossandra blames Eruptor for having her lured and get captured. Eruptor confesses his intentions and reveals to her that he and the Skylanders were trying to gain proof for his accusation that Kaossandra is the traitor, and firmly declares that he'll never trust her. Eruptor and Kaossandra are then forced to combat against their contender: a squirrel.

Using Stealth Elf's earlier suspicions, Dark Spyro plots to distance the suspicion away from him by planting suspicious items in each of the Skylander's room. Consequently, Jet-Vac, Pop Fizz, and Stealth Elf all accuse each other of being the mole, while Dark Spyro stand as witness. When they present the items as evidence, all are equal in their accusations, resulting them to inspect each other's items to deny and prove the other as being the traitor. Dark Spyro uses the confusion to slip away from the scene and proceed to Master Eon's bedroom. While sleeping, Spyro struggles but manages to get Master Eon to recite Little Miss Muffet by using a recorder.

Glumshanks is having no success of reaching out to Kaossandra with his phone, unable to leak vital information about Strykore. He recalls another way of contacting her, by using Kaos's telepathic mirror still kept at his former castle. When he attempts to use the mirror, Strykore suddenly appears, angrily suspicious of Glumshanks's actions. Fortunately, Glumshanks manages to narrowly convince Strykore that he plans no betrayal. Strykore prepares to break contact, but not before revealing to Glumshanks that he has installed a telephatic block around the castle, rendering any outside communication impossible.

Kaossandra argues to Eruptor that she isn't a traitor, but Eruptor is unconvinced. Their bickering heats up and in the process defeats their opponent, who is thrown in a cell with the other defeated prisoners. Both learn, that the cell would later be blasted into space by the trolls. Kaossandra and Eruptor come into a hard agreement of ceasing all hostilities with one another in order to rescue the prisoners, just as they are forced to battle against each other. While appearing to be ready to face each other, Eruptor and Kaossandra instead instinctively damage the cell bars, creating a prison riot that overwhelms their captors. Eruptor finally loosens his prejudice and trusts Kaossandra as they charge for freedom.

Dark Spyro returns to the Relics Room and plays the terribly edited recording of Master Eon reciting Little Miss Muffet to the security program, which finally allows him access. When Spyro ventures down the vault, he finds that the entire area is actually a beard salon for Master Eon and not a single sign that the map is kept there. Dark Spyro flies back up in anger and frustration and lands back on the pedestal, where he notices that his flight causes the book to flip a few pages and lands on a page where it reveals that the small puzzle cube he found earlier is called a Wumpan Puzzle Box. The box itself contains the map to Arkus, meaning Dark Spyro already had it all this time. However, the box proves too difficult to open.

Eruptor and Kaossandra arrive back at the Skylanders' house, where Eruptor apologizes for his actions and fears that if Kaossandra isn't the traitor then one of his other teammates are. Though Eruptor demands an explanation for Kaossandra recent attempts to contact someone, to which Kaossandra explains she was trying to call Glumshanks but received no answer. When Eruptor enters the house informing the Skylanders of Kaossandra's innocence, they reply telling each other that one of them is. Fortunately, Master Eon arrives to resolve their crisis, as he apologetically explains that his beard sense detected a literal mole in the Academy, hiding at his beard salon. With this misunderstanding, all Skylanders drop their accusations and apologize.

Eruptor expresses his apology to Stealth Elf for not believing her infallible instincts, with Stealth Elf expressing her gratitude. But Stealth Elf still wonders where all the fake evidence in their home came from. Eruptor has no answer, but just as they begin to resume their walk, Stealth Elf notices and observes Dark Spyro from a distance, still struggling to open the Wumpan Puzzle box.

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