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For information about stats in the other games, see the Statistics.

In the 3DS version of Skylanders, all the abilities of a Skylander are linked to its level. In a sense, its the only stat they have. It also determines which abilities they have available.

  • Level: Affects the strength of a Skylander, as well as which abilities they have. All other stats are increased as the level increases. The maximum level is 20.
  • Health Boosts: Affects how much health a Skylander has.
  • Damage Boosts: Affects how much damage a Skylander deals with attacks.
  • Luck Boosts:  Increase the chances of critical damages
  • Dodge Boosts: Increase the chance to doge enemy attacks.
  • Upgrades: Shows how many abilities are unlocked.
  • Hero Level: The level a Skylander has in the webgame. This stat isn't used in the 3DS game.